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Zinc – Growth And Your Health

There is an ever increasing need for supplementation since we just don’t get enough of the ‘good’ out of our daily foods since the depletion is already at soil level. One of the less mentioned needs is zinc.

Zinc has a pivotal role in the growth of children and is crucial to the development of healthy sperm and male hormones. It is also essential for a healthy immune system and for the healing of wounds. Zinc helps to rid the body of harmful metals such as lead and cadmium. It’s vital for the release of insulin and for keeping the senses of taste, sight and smell in good working order.

To supplement your zinc levels eat the following zinc rich foods:  Seafood (oysters & sardines), wheat germ, red meat (liver, beef, lamb) and pork, as well as pumpkin seeds.  The suggested upper safe limit is 50mg per day for a limited time. Too much zinc can deplete the body of iron and copper, leading to deficiencies of these two minerals. So  if you know your diet is deplete you need to supplement.

How do you know if you are deplete in zinc supplies?? Signs of zinc deficiency might include Acne, Eczema and rough/dry skin. Poor concentration, repeated infections, poor growth in childhood and a delayed onset of puberty. Diarrhoea, poor vision and smell, and loss of appetite..

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