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You’ve got to attack toxicity at the cellular level

It’s virtually impossible these days to avoid toxic metals!!

Metals like lead, mercury, and aluminium have found their way into the environment and end up places we normally wouldn’t think of as sources of toxins; whether it’s through our water supply, beauty products, pesticides & herbicides in our food, or just old-fashioned air pollution, it’s there. And it’s getting worse.

And when these metals are left in your body for long periods of time, they can cause health issues like…

•          Cancer

•          Increased Mental or Emotional Stress

•          Leaky Gut

•          Chronic Fatigue

•          Brain Fog

•          Mood Swings

•          Insomnia

•          Anxiety & Depression

•          Chronic Inflammation

We often look at disease and wonder what we done wrong or where we went wrong not realising that the body is actually very forgiving with an even more forgiving Immune System …to a point. But once compromised and continued “abuse” results you will eventually hit a wall and that is after numerous warnings with symptoms going wrong in every imaginable way. Add any chemical drugs to the equations trying to alleviate the “problem” not realising you need to get the root of the problem and eventually all hell will break loose.

Treating symptoms is not the solution.

Getting to the root of the problem however is…

Performing a full body detox at least twice a year is the best way to flush those heavy metals from your system.

So, what’s the best way to detox?

It is not necessarily only about heavy metals but flushing regularly form the liver to the kidneys, intestinal cleanses to parasite cleanses and then, yes, your heavy metals which in some cases might need a 6-month flush if really bad health already exists.

And in the case of the Imsyser Health Product range we have them all:

(micro toxicity)

(heavy metal detox)

It’s also about flushing daily and in this case it’s not just your very best green health (diet) that most definitely will help with the extra help of really good healthy water – 2 L of daily flushing – but also taking the very best supplement that ensures optimal Immunity and as in the case of the Imsyser Immune Support Tablets has the ability to do a daily ‘flush’. This product is manufactured out of medicinal plants from South Africa that are super-charged with anti-oxidants designed to do exactly that, help the body remove unwanted waste and toxins from within the cell and help flush all that waste out:  

For more on this amazing product range simply call 086 010 3859 or click here:

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