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You’re Health in a Nutshell…

Your health our problem?

Your health will always be your choice BUT as we, Imsyser serve you with knowledge, we hope to make that difference in your life and to assist you our client to get back to a healthy condition.

It starts with the physiological needs.

These are the basic needs for such things as food, shelter, water, oxygen, sleep and sex.  If a person is hungry or thirsty or his body is chemically unbalanced, all of his energies turn toward remedying these deficiencies, and other needs remain inactive.

Maslow explains that, “Anyone who attempts to make an emergency picture into a typical one, and who will measure all of man’s goals and desires by his behaviour during extreme physiological deprivation, is certainly blind to many things”.   If some needs are not fulfilled, a human’s physiological needs take the highest priority.  Physiological needs can control thoughts and behaviours, and can cause people to feel sickness, pain, and discomfort.

Lets’ picture this:


Well this modern-day disorder is something that has crept into the modern-day scenario with really bad results. I believe modern day technology and over stimulation from various sources has created a huge issue for all of us, all ages.


We have become the most chronically dehydrates generation of all times. My guess – too busy with too much to stop and take a drink. And by saying this I do NOT mean coffee of fizzy drinks. You do know what to do about this!!


Well with all honesty so few do so little ‘me time’ outside out there in nature.  I am not surprised we battle with modern-day discrepancies. And of course we don’t exercise and so the vicious circle continues…you have no choice, folk. We NEED Oxygen in copious amounts!


And this is where Imsyser comes to the table. Fruit and vegetables cultivated with artificial fertilizers contain none or very little essential vitamins, minerals or any essential nutritional essentials. We are a vitamin & mineral deficient generation. The soil is deplete and so too the whole eco-systems fails us leading to use nutritional deficiencies. The solution; a supplement as much as most would rather not.

What type of Supplement

Always a wholefood source supplement should be taken not only because modern day chemical alternatives are quite simply not seen as food by the body. Therefore, poor absorption and mostly very expensive urine excretion. The Imsyser formulation provides the basic requirements of essential vitamins, essential minerals, essential amino acids and a source of Omegas that is not only truly unique but allows for the body to recognize this basic nutrition as a super food. We need super foods in a milieu where poor nutrition is the norm of the day and leading to more and more daily modern-day diseases.  It supplements the shortage of vitamins in the food we eat which is often absent in the soil in which the food was grown, or removed in the refining of the food we consume.

Our 100 % natural organic supplement was based and developed on the essential nutrition needed for adults and children, obtained from the best sources of our most natural plant sources available here in Africa, free of any synthetic formulation, drugs, colouring or preservations. And not only does this product supply all the essentials but gently allows for assistance at cellular level to allow for any unwanted toxic residue to be dumped out of the body.  By bringing about this 2-way assistance at cellular level produces amazing results that allow for a gentle balancing from within.

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