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List of triggers

Toxicity is the no 1 factor and/or ‘dis-ease’ trigger for those that potentially are genetically compromised, leading to most of our modern-day diseases. And the sad thing is that the list of triggers is ever increasing not even taking into account the fact we are all battling with toxic thoughts and huge amount of stress during this crazy time we are all going through.

There are over 80,000+ synthetic chemicals in the environment and over 700 detectable contaminants present in the body of the average Western adult leaving us totally Immune- compromised. During this Covid-time we have all realised that toxicity was the main trigger for the virus to have an open door to our poor state of health.

Is Chelation therapy the only option

Chelation therapy involves the administration of chemical compounds such as DMSA/EDTA to the body under the supervision of your personal health therapist . These chelating agents bind to metals and allow them to be eliminated from the body. Reducing heavy metal levels can also help minimize the destructive effects and symptoms of artificial EMF’s (a form of radiation exposure), produced by cell phones, laptops, cell phone towers and Wi-Fi networks and especially the newer 5G’s. It is also an excellent treatment when Cancer therapy is required since detoxification is core to ALL cancer treatments. Toxic heavy metals and modern-day EMF’s and low key micro-toxicity increases the incidence of genetic defects such as cell mutations, thereby raising the risk of cancer. Lead exposure,   particular, can cause malfunction in the formation of blood cells and can trigger cancers such as leukaemia and lymphoma.

Chelation also disrupts biofilms housing our pathogenic bacteria. Bad bacteria together with all other low-level micro-toxicity is what is literally ‘killing’ our Immunity. The amazing thing is that once the mucoidal plaque lining of the gut has been disrupted of the bad bacteria and then super-enriched with your very best source of good bacteria as with the Imsyser 12 strain liquid Probiotic – you have empowered your gut and so too your Immunity into the next health level:

The Imsyser approach

Of course we believe in chelation therapy, but quite possibly when no chemicals are used but a green alternative which is plant based; then I believe we are serving you best. So, for this purpose we have the ArthroSpira meal replacement using Spirulina to naturally help reduce the toxic load yet boost the Immune System and we have introduced a super meal replacement for the healthy go-to, on-the-run meal for all ages, ill and healthy:

So too we have the single plant Green-food, CHAYA (capsules/tea/powder), which is relatively new to the South African market place, yet has been around for years, elsewhere as a super heavy metal detox with so many other health benefits that are crucial in the times we are living in: help for Diabetes; Heart health; fat metabolism; sugar metabolism; Weight loss; Liver health and so much more:

It is after-all about reducing toxic load not increasing any that is why we are always hammering the fact that is not what we do but how we do it differently for your very best health solution. 1000 times more powerful and effective than Colloidal Silver!!! Just look at the super amazing Vulcan Silver reducing the micro toxic level for your worst of Viruses, Bacterial infections, Candida, Fungi and so much more:

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