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Your Gut This Christmas Season

It has been known(through studies done universally) that when doctors give their patients with Constipation Syndrome a treatment that included a high quality soluble fibre called Psyllium, they saw the patients’ abdominal mass fall from 42% to 17%…and ano-rectal constipation reduced from 62% to 19%! Patients were thrilled to report easier bowel movements, along with less bloating, pressure and gas.

Imsyser’s Deep Intestinal Cleanse has this unique fibre, Psylium Husk, as its core ingredient but even more than just this bulking agent, Imsyser has a blend of unique’ly designed herbs to aid in the breakdown of this hardened faecal matter lining the gut. This assist in easy removal out of the intestines. These herbs are also designed to provide moisture as the build-up is moved through the gut preventing pain and discomfort in any way. An even more unique cocktail of herbs allows the neutralising of any toxic waste released as this toxic waste is broken down to ensure that there is no risk of more toxic re-absorbtion from the gut.

You are only as healthy as the health of your gut. Get rid of unwanted symptoms as gut issues cause havoc in your life; feel the release and eventual weight loss as this toxic waste build-up is removed gently through a healthy detox routine over a 7 day period. Gently feel the difference as your natural energy levels are released and renewed. Get ready for the summer holidays ahead. Clean and remove all toxic old waste and trim the abdomen for a slimmer shaped you ready for Christmas 2014!!!!

Remember there is no reason why you cannot continue to use this same product daily in lesser amounts for extended benefits throughout your holidays.

Remember drinking enough water is the crucial for effective removal of waste and effective rehydration of the gut & body for optimal results. For more visit our website @ for more on our incredible products. Always retain optimal gut functioning by stabilising gut health with the Imsyser Microbial Stabiliser. Your daily intake of our 12 Strain Good Bacteria is essential for complete restoration of all gut functioning. A liquid Live cocktail of natural pre-biotics, pro-biotics and enzymes also designed for effective digestion and the eventual energy release that runs hand in hand with good nutrion & lifestyle.

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