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Your Employees Are OUR PEOPLE

Your employees are OUR PEOPLE.

They are not merely workers earning a salary but individuals that make up the core of the company and their health is without saying CRUCIAL to the health of the company, their families and society as a whole.

Employee stress and mental health touches every area of your business. Your employee’s mental health is reflected in productivity, morale, absenteeism, turnover, engagement, burnout, customer satisfaction, teamwork, employee complaints, and incivility.

Nearly every mental illness begins when an individual’s coping skills are inadequate to handle the level of chronic stress being experienced. A survey recently reported that 54% of employees report high levels of stress. Nearly 25% of the adult population in the world experiences emotional breakdowns in a given year.

Two significant advances in the science of human thriving (what helps humans thrive in spite of adversity) make it possible for employers to address the mental health crisis. We know far more than we’ve ever known about how to optimize the mind to increase the ability to fulfil an individual’s potential and maintain good mental health. Until very recently, the continuum of strategies for coping with stress stopped at adaptive coping strategies. For this companies have been forced to invest in schemes and internal facilities, from a medical perspective, to deal with this.

But is yet more medication on top of a generation that is already dealing with toxic overload I all its forms and then of course the ‘ease’ of access to modern day drugs to merely treat the symptoms the solution??

I beg to differ.

It is at the end of the day all about EDUCATION. I would go as far as saying if everyone had the opportunity to decide for him/herself after accessing the basics on good internal health, not only would their health status change but that of their children and then we are dealing with ‘living legacies’. And this is exactly where Imsyser Health Products would like to make that core difference.

Unhealthy habits of thought lead to suboptimal outcomes. Habits of thought affect success in every area of life including relationships, physical, mental and behavioural health, academic and career success. Healthy habits of thought optimize outcomes in every area of life. Training employees how to change habits of thought provides them the opportunity to choose healthy habits of thought and body.

We at Imsyser understand this relationship between gut and emotional health and have found that treating the core of the problem almost always lies at good healthy gut functions (that also support good healthy Immune functioning).

We at Imsyser also spend a lot of time educating, sharing and time at corporate level to ensure optimal health can be attained and maintained for ALL employees and ALL the children (our living legacy)

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