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Your Digestive System and the foods you Eat.


Your Digestive System and the foods you Eat. The foods we eat are a lot like seeds, which need to be planted into healthy soils (our digestive systems) in order to grow and bear fruit. We also have gut microflora and various other intestinal elements that act as “water” and “sunlight” to support this process. In this case the successful digestive conversion of the foods we eat into the substances our bodies need to generate muscle tissue, cellular matrices, energy, and the various other building blocks of life.

Our digestive tracts works in tandem with enzymes, bile, hydrochloric acid, and other digestive “juices” to process the foods we eat. This in turn produces health and much needed Energy.

For the ultimate gut support Imsyser has a 12 strain pre & probiotic liquid to provide all the necessary ‘foods’ for this healthy functioning. You are only as your gut health. It’s that simple. To assist optimal functioning make sure a seasonal cleanse is done to fine tune that inner health . We always suggest all the cleanses on all the systems for a really fresh start.

Optimise gut health and you optimise health. You optimise life giving energy levels and all systems are ready for action.

If in doubt call Lize 086 010 3859 for more assistance in this regard. The Imsyser team is dedicated to optimizing health for all.


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