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Your Diet wholefood Supplementing and Dis-ease Prevention

Your Diet wholefood Supplementing and Dis-ease Prevention.

Nutritional support
Nutritional support

Your Diet wholefood Supplementing and Dis-ease Prevention. The right diet and the right nutritional support, where the diet does not fulfil basic essential needs, is most important for dis-ease prevention; even for many cancers, since we are NOT governed by our genes but the  cellular surrounds which relates every input into your body, Body, Mind and Spirit.

Dealing with emotional and Spiritual triggers too. The biggest contributors to the dis-ease process long before wrong foods do their bit too the equation. Wrong foods! Packaged foods, excessive red meat consumption, use of saturated fat, high use of low fibre foods, refined flour and sugar, alcohol and tobacco. All increases the causes of cancer and many other diseases. Add modern day toxicity from various sources, you quite possibly could become a time bomb waiting to happen.  

How can “food” be carcinogenic?

According to Scientific Research reports, one in 10 cancer is directly related to the foods we are consume. Our foods should be a healthy mixture of various types of macronutrients. Protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre & water. Also necessary micro-nutrients. Vitamins and minerals. But due to poor choices (GMO and poor soil sources etc.), we interrupt with these natural elements. We try to change their natural taste by adding a lot of stuff. Colour, flavour, preservatives, poor cooking processing and some foods can become carcinogenic. Consume food in its natural form. All these nutritional elements increase the Immunity of human body and reduce the chances of getting fatal dis-eases.

No single food can provide all the different types of nutrients required for normal functioning of our body. Before you follow a diet, we have to make sure that all the above foods are on our daily food plate. Appropriate amounts and then supplement.  It is imperative to have insoluble and soluble fibre, minerals and protein in our food choices which is obtained from the use of different types of grains in food – like coarse grains such as Barley, Finger millets, Pearl millets, Maize,  Buckwheat and different types of pulses & legumes in their whole form.

Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals

Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals that do not allow the formation of harmful radicals (free radicals) in the body. Develop antibodies which helps to remove or stop formation of free radicals’ and enhance ​the body’s Immunity. It is necessary to have right amount of seasonal vegetables and fruits in our food plate. Quick easily filling 2/3 of the plate. Keeping good heathy digestive systems. Healthier pH levels and to balance metabolic rates. We can get all required vitamins and minerals. Different types of vegetables and fruits. Raw turmeric, raw papaya, cabbage, carrots, green leafy vegetables, onions, garlic, ginger, tomato, gooseberry, papaya and citrus fruits

Quite important too

This is the sourcing of such greens. Organic is best. Where the nutritional supply of healthy ‘good bacteria’ as produced through the soil is met. Otherwise you need too supplement. Supplementing with a healthier probiotic source where soil organisms are present remains best:

A variety of micronutrients. Vitamin E, selenium, copper, zinc and folic acid contribute to preventing possibility of dis-ease (imbalances manifesting into disease), cancers etc. Supported with whole food supplementing where nutritional needs aren’t being met with diet or food source:

Dis-ease can be prevented. And in compromising times we need to adjust to meet these needs starting with basics. At Imsyser Health we care so we share. The benefit of this nutritional information knowing that we have products on standby to assist where nutritional needs are not being met. Therefore, be it gut health, liver health or Immunity we have the support you need.  simply call 086 010 3859 or click here for more:

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