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You Do Need To Fibre Up…

Gut health

I have spent the last 2 days listening to the gut specialists all over the world adding their own value add as regards Gut Health. Gut health is the hot topic of the moment and actually has been for the past 10 years; not just because it houses most of our Immunity but also controls to a large extent the total microbiome of the body which then leads to other crucial bodily functions like hormones and brain functioning to mention just the most important ones that most people worry about other than energy production issues.

What I have noticed is that managing the microbiome is crucial and the Imsyser Health blog site has well over a 1000 blogs mostly on gut issues and the value of healthy microbiome and how to improve this but so too is it crucially important to manage the gut through dietary input and especially the fibre input (in other words the food for your bacteria) and restoring and ensuring your healthiest gut lining.

Fibre up…all the time….

Bacteria need food to survive – and they feed on fibre! Most of the fibre we eat couldn’t be broken down in our body if it wasn’t for bacteria; so for both the cleaning up action withing the gut pushing and helping move food down and out through the gut as well as the value add as seen as food for the microbiome; fibre is crucial!

In the large intestine, the microbiota consume fibre from preferably a diverse source of plant type fibres and turns that then into Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA’s) which play many key roles in all other health. Foods that are particularly rich in fibre – also called prebiotics – include eating plenty of fruits and veggies! There is a special relationship between prebiotic fibre and microbiome relating to these SCFA’s that literally helps heal the colon, prevents colon cancer, reverses most metabolic syndromes, affects our Brain Health as they can cross the brain barrier and so many more health benefits. It is the key to all health and the key to restorative health where most of your gut diseases are at play like Leaky Gut etc.

Taking supplemental probiotics or eating fermented foods (which are rich in naturally occurring probiotics) can give the gut a boost, too. Or better yet if your Probiotic contains natural prebiotic and digestive enzymes as in the Imsyser Probiotic:

For your Best Health Going Forward

For this best gut health to be ensured it is really important that through your diet you are getting healthy ingredients to not just clean up and remove impacted waste – classically the psyllium husk in the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse but also to build up a healthy gut lining and especially the mucosa that houses all the healthy microbiome to do that which we have mentioned already:

Aloe; Slippery Elm; Marshmallow Root. It is important that the lining is literally fed the correct nutrients to maintain the healthiest mucous balance housing all of this. So if your regular cleanse is not just cleaning from the inside out but also ensuring a healthy gut; your product is serving you best when a dietary or lifestyle issues keep you compromised:

The wonderful news is that the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse houses your psyllium husk which helps fibre up but also supplies the fibre or prebiotics that feeds your healthy bacteria AS WELL AS the herbs and more that have been mentioned to help heal your gut lining in the process.

And more importantly the Imsyser cleanse can be used as a regular seasonal deep intestinal cleanse with spectacular results as a rule but may also be used as a fibre up for the less fortunate need extra daily support by merely reducing the daily allowance to once a day at half dosage. Its that simple!! And healthy enough for all ages especially toddlers battling with dietary fibre requirements during certain stages where they are more ‘iffy’ eaters.

Never before has a cleanse proven to be this easy to use, natural and effective for all regulatory gut health. Call the Imsyser team for more advice 086 010 3859 on this Nappi coded product available country wide in most leading pharmacies or simply click here:  

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