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You Are The Author Of Your Life

Don’t let  “crisis” be an opportunity for “change”. You are the author of your health & therefore your life….

In order to change your health for 2015 you usually need to change some of your habits by making positive changes to your lifestyle. These changes can be on various levels: emotional, dietary or lifestyle adjustments. It often involves including something new in life as well as removing the old.

It is a time for change and a time for letting go; take a few moments to reflect on the “gifts” that you received during 2014 and to identify those habits and patterns that no longer serve you and would like to let go of in 2015.

Change can facilitate beneficial growth & health. Take charge. Start a fresh 2015 with a cleansing of the old ‘gut issues’; replenish and re-stock that sluggish Immune System with a 3 step 100 % natural detox/health routine.

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