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The World Of Micro-Organisms

There is a world that lies beyond the limits of our normal senses and yet has an affect on every aspect of our daily lives, the world of micro-organisms. A world that has the power to kill or give life, create lush forests or, through its absence, barren deserts. A world that influences whole species, or just one human being. 


Micro-organisms are an integral part of the life cycle of every living thing. They exist in the soil, in plants, trees and animals. They are in our drinking water, our lakes and our oceans. They populate the human body, assisting with our growth, our ability to use food, and our ability to heal. Without them life would not be possible.

A long time ago, the medical industry researched into the field of harmful micro-organisms (germs or diseases) and much work has gone into finding ways to kill these bacteria. Antibiotics, which kill harmful bacteria, are a part of our every day lives. But the power and benefits of micro-organisms have only recently been explored.


In the last decade or so, probiotics have become increasingly popular as a means of aiding in digestion and balancing the stomach flora. But to look at micro-organisms as merely a digestive aid is to realise one millionth of their true potential. All of life on this world lives and breathes by the action of micro-organisms, and utilised correctly, they hold the keys to all life – naturally.

Micro-organims is really what it is all about. for every 1 cell in the body there is 10 000 micro-organims that need to be addressed.

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