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Winter Time Blues … How To Stay Healthy And Energised


It’s winter. And our kids are trying to stay healthy for their rugby, soccer, hockey, athletics…

Check out my video on Nucleo Superfood as Sport nutrition here:

I get it

Most of you young people below 30 have endless energy…

No amount of pizzas, hamburgers or sugar spiked drinks can slow you down or weaken your endurance… no matter what rubbish you eat… until a wee bit later down the road!

Tim Noakes said he discovered healthy protein and fats (Omega oils)too late in his life… He has been very successful in recent years to transform sportsmen’s lifestyles towards high protein, high fats and low GI carbs.

*Watch out for marketing gimmicks*

Pick up any energy drink, whey protein shake, muscle builder, health breakfast shake and you will notice a huge list of amino acids. In tiny quantities. It simply lists the amino acid building blocks of the protein used in the product.

Now look at the Nucleo label.

It only lists one amino acid blend. Why? No place on the label to list them all.

Both spirulina and soya in Nucleo contain all the essential amino acids required daily. We added an amino acid blend over and above these. Including more L-Glutamine, L-Arginine than you find in whey protein shakes.  Our supplier in Germany confirmed no other South African company is importing it.

This blend is quite potent and effective. As shown in results  we encountered with endurance athletes across the board over the last 10 years:

?�It avoids forming of lactic acid.

?� Increased endurance.

? Faster recovery from injuries.

?� Eliminates cramping.

?� Improved muscle growth.

?� Greater fat burn.

?�Reduced fatigue during training.

?�Improved focus.

But there are so much  more than just amino acids in Nucleo:

A 43 ingredient, nutritionally complete and natural Super Food;

? �All the healthy proteins, fats (omega oils) and low GI carbs you need daily.

? �Plus 100% of the vitamins and minerals you need.

?� Plus more than the amino acids you find in a normal whey protein.

? �Plus your full dosage spirulina and colostrum to kill bad bacteria, suppress viruses, stop diarrhea.

?� Plus pre-biotics and digestive enzymes to pamper your intestine which supports the fueling of your cells for optimal efficiency.

?� Plus lecithin, selenium and Omega 3 for improved concentration and fabulous focus.

?Free from sugar.

? Free from dairy.

?Free from gluten.

?Free from chemicals.

Since 2007, thousands of athletes have been using NUCLEO as a healthy pre and post training shake.

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