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Winter BLUES shouldn’t be your Health BLUES!

The Immune System to perform

In winter it is always a little more difficult to eat healthy and stay healthy. We want warm cooked food and hot drinks which meals more sugar, milk etc. There is also less sun, therefore less energy and a whole lot of pressure on the Immune System to perform against all the outside attacks on the Immune System. And then the resent enemy no 1 – Covid -19 just throws everything out of which to say the least.

In fact, life as it was taking your health for granted may never be as it was.

But you don’t have to allow thigs to get out of whack and get sick or worse put yourself at risk with risk factors skyrocketing during this Pandemic because your Immunity is already compromised.

If a truly healthy diet is your problem maintaining, you MUST supplement!! We should all supplement anyway, as the attack on the Immune System is literally from every imaginary angle – from pollutants we breathe in to hidden toxins in our foods and drinks; even our thought processes can turn around and become the ‘enemy’ to the Immune System. With the increased amount of fear presently around joblessness and a trashed economy it takes a lot to keep your thoughts in higher places, I know!

The Enemy!

Junk foods, mass-production foods, nutritionally-depleted vegetables and fruits (the ground is deplete of many of these nutrients and minerals), highly refrigerated foods, GM-driven products and various other attacks on our health leads to one result: foods lacking in nutritional value, lacking in fibre and worst all, having no real energy value!

Come les be real most of us eat for pleasure hardly realising the reason we eat is for Energy. That is what the body was engineered to know and do and use and we miss the point completely.

Why Supplement

To be healthy you need to Supplement – 100% natural. Plant sourced. Wholefood sourced. This is a ‘supplement to’ in other words completing that which your food misses. It’s that simple really. And if your supplement does not mimic nature (i.e. natural wholefood not chemical compositions compiled by man) you put your body at risk over compensating to work out in the first place what it is and then the added risk of most being booted by the body as the body cannot ‘see’ or ‘read’ what it is:

And then of course, similarly, a daily probiotic supply, to feed the gap where our plants used to supply these ‘good bacteria’ from the soil and plant sources. Remember this needs to happen EVERY DAY! And more importantly if your probiotic is not supplying you with these ‘variable’ probiotic strains found in the Imsyser blend, as opposed to the classic strains found in the market place, your gut is ‘missing’ crucially important strains it needs that Mother Nature used to supply quite naturally:

Your body needs a wide and complex variety of vital nutrients to make it through a normal day and if you are deficient in any one of these essential vitamins or minerals, you risk a breakdown of the metabolic pathways that protect your health. If you lead an active life, your daily nutritional input becomes even more essential. Children at school need more nutrition. If stressed, we need even more nutrition. If unwell, we need more nutrition. And, so it continues….

Imsyser has an amazing Immune modulator that not only supplies all the essentials: 23 amino acids, 11 vitamins, 11 minerals and a supply of Omega 3,6 & 9 needed to meet all essential Immune needs but also is 100 % natural with 100% absorption ( i.e. no wastage as with chemical alternatives via urine excretion). This product was designed for auto-immune conditions in that it not only supplies these essentials but is able to do a gentle cellular detox to assist the body of ridding itself of toxic waste. This is the reason we n call this amazing ‘design’ product a modulator as it assist in modulating and/or balancing not just boosting which by now all know is a complete no-no for most auto-immune conditions.  

Huge energy improvements might be experienced from a pure natural source; where sleep is enhanced at night. For everyday needs this product is supported in a month’s supply and can be used for all ages. Follow instructions for usage for best results. More on this incredible product call 086 010 3859 or simply click here:

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