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Why you have to Stop Candida Before You Get Cancer

Toxic & micro toxic load

Chemo kills mutated cancer cells but the real underlying problem is the infection that is the recurring trigger. The toxic load and the micro toxic load. In fact this is exactly how most slow-growing cancers spread through these very same dangerous pathogenS –  spreading and helping circulate through tissues and the  bloodstream,  killing healthy cells and stunting the immune system.

Candida does this. Candida supported by other pathogens like parasites with all of their micro toxic waste collecting at cellular level.

So getting to the route of the problem might mean getting to target the pathogen, or microbe, that not only mutates healthy cells, but feeds the blood supply of tumors. When the medicine kills it, cell damage stops and blood supply is cut off. The tumor then shrivels and dies.

I have had more than one client deal with pathogen issues or do the classic detox after extensive cancer treatment with continuous return of such and yet when such cleansing was effectively treated , cancer symptoms went into total remission.

So at Imsyser we have an array of products to kill Candida, bad bacteria, parasites, and even more recently a powerful combination –  antifungal / antibacterial / antiviral natural medication stopping all of the micro toxic underlying infection allowing the bodies natural defences to go to work fighting the Cancer.

Obvious their is the dietary support cutting out sugars and triggers, sleeping enough, good water, reduced stress, vir D through sun exposure and all the good stuff we are aware of like forgiveness and Peace.

And finally, properly clean out your system with a deep intestinal cleanse and liver flush  once you’ve killed the fungus and bad organisms. This step is critical to ensure no re-introducing into the system. Fungi can release more than 300 types of mycotoxins into your system. Chronic exposure—even at low levels—is enough to cause disease.

Support with your best whole food natural supplements to boost your Immunity and let the body do what it knows best.

Your immune system can only fight off the pathogen for so long then it needs a little help.

The Value add of Pre and Probiotics.

Anytime you have a fungal overgrowth, you know your good fungus- fighting bacteria are already wiped out. You have to replenish the good guys with both prebiotics and probiotics. You should buy the highest quality probiotic you can with as many strains and live cultures as you can. Research shows that Lactobacillus Acidophilus cuts down the duration of a candida overgrowth.

Probiotic supplements will sometimes come with prebiotics (they help feed the probiotics). Prebiotics will also help strengthen any good bacteria in your gut.

Take glutathione.

This is your “master” antioxidant. It’s what you need to make all of your other antioxidants. It’s especially good at improving your liver enzymes and helping it release mycotoxins. Take 500 mg in the morning with breakfast.

Use milk thistle.

The active ingredient in this herb is silymarin—a phytochemical that works with glutathione to cleanse your liver. It helps repair damaged liver cells and strengthens your cell membranes so toxins can’t enter them. It should be standardized to at least 70 percent.

Raise your core body temperature. Increasing your core body temperature ushers toxins out of your body. Infrared saunas are also effective in releasing toxic contaminants.

Cleanse cleanse and cleanse Imsyser Health this is our core drive mostly through gut health. And for those that persevere it works.

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