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Why Worry About Candida?

Why Worry About Candida?. Most people don’t even know they have Candida yet surprisingly, it infects more than 30% of the world population. What is Candida? Why Worry About Candida?. Candida is very sneaky; you often don’t know you are battling with this overgrowth until it way-gone and you are battling with symptoms that don’t…


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Why Worry About Candida?. Most people don’t even know they have Candida yet surprisingly, it infects more than 30% of the world population. What is Candida?

Why Worry About Candida?. Candida is very sneaky; you often don’t know you are battling with this overgrowth until it way-gone and you are battling with symptoms that don’t seem related and mostly remain a chronic issues year in and year out like sinus infections, blurred vision, moodiness, sugar cravings, and fatigue, too mention but a few. It’s an overgrowth of fungus in your gut; normally quite normal too have in a happy, balanced and healthy gut.

But with the lack of this healthy balance which has EVERYTHING to do with your healthy gut microbiome, this balance becomes disturbed and overgrowth slowly takes over healthy gut activities and eventually affects your whole body. High stress, sugar, processed foods, and antibiotics, modern day dilemmas are causal in most cases. Were that the end of that other than a modern-day dilemma it would be fine but Candida has been found to be related to most of our modern-day health issues and especially Cancer .

Treating symptoms individually

If you’re treating symptoms individually without knowing what’s really causing them, you’re not doing much to destroy the harmful overgrowth itself and you have not managed the problem. Doctors usually prescribe fluconazole for the overgrowth, a chemical that has been known to have some nasty side effects like vomiting, diarrhoea, and dizziness over and above the fact that one course does not do the trick and it is a chemical.

Your best bet is always to treat the condition naturally and ever since Covid-19 has hit the scene it is apparent that chemical overload leading too underlying health conditions is a no-no!!!

How do we do this?

With a Candida-destroying diet. Eating foods that attack fungus is a healthier way to heal and prevent this condition. This includes a sugar free approach!!! Sugar feeds Candida!!! You can starve out the fungus by eating a diet low in sugar, high in protein and vegetables. But there are also certain foods that actively fight fungus:

Coconut oil, in particular, is one of the best fats you can add to your diet. Plus, it actually kills Candida. In fact, this oil is just as effective as fluconazole for treating Candida.   It’s antifungal and contains fatty acids like lauric acid.  These acids attack the cell wall of the fungus.

This causes the cell wall to disintegrate. Consuming coconut oil can prevent and end Candida. You’ll still need to practice other healthy habits, like reducing your sugar intake, decreasing stress, and eating a balanced diet. So next time you drink your smoothie, use a little coconut oil to keep Candida under control.

Add the Imsyser daily Probiotic to destroy Candida

Imsyser’s’ Fermented Liquid Microbial Probiotic Product contains 12 strains of Nature’s most natural form of Pre- & Pro-biotics, and multiple classes of live bacteria, including Synbiotics, maintain this natural synergy, and Postbiotics to ensure diverse interactive release of digestive enzymes as mimicked in the gut.

The Big Difference!


Imsyser’s’ Probiotic

Unlike freeze-dried products in the market-place. Our probiotic fermented at body temperature. Contains the full range of natural enzymes, lactic acid and live bacteria. Necessary to restore health from within the mouth to the end of the colon. For optimum digestive balance and full body health. Ensuring its position as one of the best, totally unique Probiotics in the market-place. Imsyser’s Probiotic is tested in the labs for Candida.

To date proven highly effective against Candida. As we ourselves proved with trial runs in a dietetic clinic years ago. Where across board the Candida was managed. In aggressive cases dosages might needs lifting too super doses for first few weeks. Until Candida is under control. With no negative damage to your health. In fact quite the opposite is proven! This holiday best you gargle this probiotic. Then swallow as we enter the second wave. Just super charging your Immunity and supporting healthy throat health, as your first line of defence!  

Imsyser Parasite & Candida Cleanse Drops to your seasonal rescue.

Parasites can cause great damage to the human body, weakening our Immune System thereby causing disease. This is why even though it is quite normal for parasites to cycle through our bodies, it is very important to eliminate them on a regular basis. They are probably the most diverse of all biological forms and yet remain hostile to humans. Parasites are all around us: in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Every single living organism can be infected by these super-bugs. Even bacteria have parasites!


Parasites do NOT kill the host but cause severe allergic reactions, where the cause is not obvious. There is the added disadvantage of internal competition for nutrients from parasites and the actual host (body) will inevitably lead to micro- and macro-nutrient deficiencies. This in turn leads to chronic ill health, lowered Immunity and the possibility of other ‘dis-ease’.

Parasites therefore become part of the clinical evaluation. This is not a sick body problem but a healthy body being damaged by extraneous factors. We like to refer to ‘dis-ease’. Since it is a temporary state of imbalance. That may and should be restored for optimal health to result. This state is however where Candida is free to literally run free throughout the body.


If you can’t think of any other cause for ill health or dis-ease after numerous visits to your health specialists, I always tell my clients to “think parasites”. Remember this is not a ‘dewormer’ treatment but PARASITE Cleanse. An amazing start to flushing Candida out of the body. With vengeance and for those looking to prevent Covid-19. Where Wormwood remains one of the natural remedies. Daily spraying this cleanse down the throat. Managed my health in the past year!!!

We care so we share product news but also health tips that will serve you well during these compromised times. Simply call imsyser 086 010 3859 or click here:


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