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WHY SUPPLEMENT? – Go Natural! Go wholefood!!

Facts about the modern Western diet & supplements:

Question: Why do we eat, and why do we need food?

Answer: We must understand that the fully-grown human body consists of ± 75 trillion cells. It is astounding if we consider that once each of us was only one cell strong, when our father and mother’s cells merged and a special DNA code was written to produce a unique and special individual. Thus, initially, you were only one cell strong and over a ± 21 year period you became a multi-trillionaire in terms of cells. Once we are fully grown we need nutrients / building blocks for the following top four reasons:

  1. Self-building body: When we are young our bodies absorb nutrients (building blocks) from the food we eat to use as building blocks to help us grow. It is like the story of the three pigs that you will either build your house (body) with straw, poor building blocks, wood or stone superior building blocks.  
  2. Self-maintaining body: Hundreds of cells are continuously being produced to maintain our adult bodies. Our food supplies the nutrients / building blocks to build these new cells. One can replace the old cells with an equal in quality cell or with a lower quality cell, the latter set the stage for accelerated aging and disease.  
  3. Self-healing body: How do our bodies repair themselves? Again our food supplies us with nutrients / building blocks to repair and replace damaged cells.  
  4. Self-protecting body: The immune system. We need specific nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins in our food to empower our bodies to protect themselves. Food provides the nutrients / building blocks we need to maintain our immune systems. Again you will either have a strong Rambo/your immune system or one that can be easily pushed over. 

Sadly, most of us are over-fed but under-nourished. Let me explain. When our modern, consumer driven, Western lifestyle is put under a magnifying glass, it becomes clear that the human race is the only species on planet earth that does the following to its food:

  1. Processing: Processing is normally accompanied by nutrient loss and foreign chemical gain due to heat from processing and added preservatives and chemicals to enhance shelf-life and taste. The convenience factors and consumer-driven attitudes that have developed in our Western lifestyle cause us to overlook one of the most critical and fundamental issues in our lives: our health. What I have experienced firsthand is that you can only go as far as your body will allow you to go, but we become so busy in our fast-paced lifestyles that nourishing our bodies gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. We feed ourselves things like instant noodles or rice that only require the addition of boiling water to create a meal, unaware that these meals are empty of nutrients and loaded with processed carbohydrates, chemicals, preservatives, flavourants and colourants.   
  2. Removal of nutrients: Nutrients are removed for the sake of gaining longer shelf-life. A classic example is the wheat grain that in the past was enjoyed as a staple food but is now, through modern processing, broken down into three commodities: 
  1. White flour made from the endosperm, used in bread, pizza, pasta, porridge, etc.
  2. Wheat germ, sold as a health food, supplement or cosmetic product.
  3. Bran, used in the packing industry. 

Most people unfortunately only enjoy the white flour endosperm part.   

  1. Allowing our food to get old: When food gets old, nutrients are lost though oxidation. Rolled oats are a classic example: Once a grain kernel has been rolled flat as rolled oats or milled into flour, the grain kernel becomes exposed to oxygen. Spoiling and decomposition occur and the flour becomes rancid and old, losing nutrients in the process. 

As explained above, our bodies need good quality building blocks. However, most people unknowingly feed their bodies with empty, old and chemical-laden food. This is an unfortunate aspect of our society today. The human is the most complex and intelligent mammal on planet earth, but still we allow our food to be tampered with to the extent that it can damage our long-term health. Have you ever wondered why our societies are riddled with new and unexplained diseases? Why current disease statistics are so high? I was one of the statistics. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at a very young age. I had the privilege of being treated in Australia and the USA, and there I learnt how to nourish and take care of my body. I also learnt how the body operates, and about the hidden dangers of empty foods and toxicity. Many people are diagnosed at a young age with a dreaded disease because the majority of consumers aren’t empowered to make educated decisions on how to care for their wonderfully made bodies. Today I can say from my own experience, as well as the information I have been exposed to, that MS is not a disease (to date there has been no virus or bacteria identified as being responsible for MS), but a progressive state of toxicity. The toxicologists and naturopaths that helped me all understand that the body heals itself, but that the root cause of toxicity needs to be addressed and the stage set for healing. A cell cannot heal without the correct nutrients, and therefore a cell cannot heal with empty and toxic foods. We need unadulterated, complete foods containing all the nutrients and building blocks the body requires to repair and replace damaged cells. I hope you get the picture. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and advice. Two of the main ways in which your health could be compromised:

  1. Our diets are filled with foods that have gone through processes that remove nutrients for the sake of extending shelf-life, leaving empty and toxic foods that instead contain: 
  1. preservatives
  2. colourants
  3. trans fatty acids
  4. pesticides, etc. 
  5. Daily, we could be exposed to other powerful toxins and chemicals that build up in the body. These include:
  1. amalgam fillings 
  2. root canal treated teeth
  3. implants
  4. personal hygiene products
  5. first aid kit products like mercury in Mercurochrome
  6. household chemicals
  7. chemicals in our water
  8. the list goes on and on

The result is that the already-compromised (because of poor nutrients) immune system (our defense system) now focuses on the problems caused by these man-made chemicals and free radicals instead of focusing on the normal processes of destroying viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. Without all these foreign, harmful chemicals, we would have much stronger and focused immune systems, able to properly protect our bodies. 

SUPPLEMENTS To counter the effect of empty and processed foods that are loaded with preservatives and chemicals, Western society created a new monster, called the Supplementation Industry. Think about it: did your grandmother or great-grandmother ever use a supplement? Or, when a baby is born, does it come with supplements and an operating manual? Humans have complicated life by allowing their food to be processed, stripped of nutrients and loaded with man-made chemicals and preservatives. Most of these chemicals are free radicals that can cause severe and long-term damage to our health. The result is that supplementation has become a modern practice. Today we supplement our diet with food supplements in order to correct the shortages and imbalances of nutrients in our food. We at Go Natural are certain that this is completely unnecessary. The solution is to go back to basics and enjoy our food as our ancestors used to: un-tampered-with, basic lifestyle eating packed with natural and balanced nutrients. 

OVER CORRECTION Food supplementation – where does one start? How do we know what has been removed from food and what needs to be supplemented? I don’t think we will ever know exactly. In our fast-paced lifestyle, we’ve grown so accustomed to quick fixes like fast food. Rather than enjoy wholesome nutritious food, we opt for the quick fix option – supplementation. However, with supplementation things are a little bit more complicated, because an overdose of certain supplements / nutrients can cause imbalances in the body and could become harmful to the body. Nutrients from a natural, whole-food source are in balance. Therefore, one can avoid overdosing by eating a natural, balanced, whole food diet. NB: At Go Natural we are not against supplementation, and we agree it could be a short-term solution. However, the long-term solution is to attain most of your nutrient requirements directly from the source, i.e. natural whole foods. Back to basics is the safest and most secure option for continuous sustainable health benefits. 

At Go Natural we offer a lifestyle that is:

  1. Healthy– un-tampered-with fresh whole foods bursting with nutrients that are in perfect balance
  2. Practical 
  3. Cost effective – bake stone-milled organic, fresh bread (0.9kg) for less than R6 a loaf
  4. Available 
  5. Easy to implement
  6. Supported by personal advice and assistance. Healthy living is exciting, fun and has immeasurable and sustainable health benefits. Go Natural offers many practical, healthy, exciting and proven alternatives and recipes. You just need to visit our website. 

ENCOURAGEMENT The good news is that you don’t have to be sick or experience compromised health and vitality! I can testify from experience that with healthy living and a decrease in exposure to toxins, you can experience optimum vitality. We are all blessed with a body that is self-maintaining, self-healing and has a self-protecting immune system. We have a responsibility to our bodies that most of us have neglected, but you will be amazed at how forgiving the body is. Restoration of health will follow once the root cause has been eliminated and the correct building blocks / nutrients are given to the body to heal, repair and detox. The body knows exactly what to do. For more information regarding healthy living, please visit the fact file and lifestyle link on our website. Life Style Priorities If you want to change to a complete, healthy lifestyle, I suggest the following healthy living priorities:

  1. Water: Use only pure, life-giving, distilled water for drinking and food preparation purposes. Our bodies are ±70% water and need pure water for: 
  1. the transportation of nutrients,
  2. removing toxins and waste products from the body,
  3. optimizing intra/inter-cellular communication. 

Pure water is essential for optimum health and longevity. Distillation is the only consistent, fool-proof, effective water purification process. Go Natural’s distilling machines transform tap water into pure life-giving water.

  1. Staple foods: Ensure that you eat your grains – cereal, bread, pasta, pizza, etc – as follows: 
  1. Organic: free from toxic pesticides and other chemicals
  2. Whole food: the germ, bran and the endosperm aren’t removed
  3. Fresh: once the grain has been milled or rolled, it starts oxidizing and needs to be enjoyed immediately. 

With Go Natural’s range of Stone Mills and Grain Rollers, you can experience the true taste and nutritional content of grain products, exactly as they were enjoyed by our ancestors: fresh, complete, highly nutritious, filling, non-fattening, organic and toxin free.

  1. Juicing: For years most people have eaten empty foods that could contain toxins. Juicing will give your body mega nutrients at cellular level within minutes to boost, detoxify and rebuild depleted body systems. Juicing is a natural, cost-effective and balanced alternative to food supplementation.   
  2. Blending: Make healthy snacks, smoothies, desserts, salad dressings, and much more with the Go Natural Personal Blender.   
  3. Sprouting: Spouts are perfect raw whole foods that are easy to produce and packed with nutrients – a must in your diet.   
  4. A ±70% raw diet: Enjoy your raw food and salads fist. Raw foods provide vital enzymes that assist digestion. Healthy living is a lifestyle, not a diet! With real healthy living you will experience that supplementation is almost unnecessary. Supplementation that is used without caution can easily create a chemical imbalance in your system. Remember, it is only a short-term solution! Once your body is in balance / harmony again, you can slowly wean yourself off the expensive supplements. This list is not exclusive and must be seen as a good starting point. You are always welcome to contact us for more information and advice. 

Healthy living benefits: With real healthy living you can enjoy numerous long-term and sustainable health benefits, just as our ancestors once did:

  1. maintain your ideal body weight
  2. lower cholesterol
  3. improve vitality
  4. side-step the health land-mines (toxins and diseases)
  5. save big by spending less on supplements and medical bills
  6. have peace of mind
  7. have fun! 

For more information go to our website

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