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Why Magnesium chloride?

The Benefits of magnesium

We know that Magnesium Chloride is essential for many enzyme reactions, especially regarding cellular energy production, for the health of the brain and nervous system and also for healthy teeth and bones. However, it may come as a surprise that magnesium chloride it is also an impressive infection fighter.

Worldwide the intake of magnesium has been lowered and that of calcium increased because of the heavy use of fertilisers high in calcium and low in magnesium. With this, the intake of magnesium from our food has steadily declined in the last fifty years, while the use of calcium-rich fertilisers and cardiovascular disease have greatly increased at the same time.

Adequate levels of magnesium are essential for the heart muscle. Those who die from heart attacks have very low magnesium but high calcium levels in their heart muscles. Patients with coronary heart disease who have been treated with large amounts of magnesium survived better than those with drug treatment.

Magnesium dilates the arteries of the heart and lowers cholesterol and fat levels. Magnesium has a calming effect on the nervous system. Magnesium is used to promote good sleep.

Magnesium can be used to calm irritated and over-excited nerves. May be useful in epilepsy. Adequate levels of magnesium are essential for the heart muscle.

In addition to its anti-microbial and immune-stimulating properties, both magnesium as well as chloride have other important functions in keeping us young and healthy.

Magnesium Chloride, of course, is required to produce a large quantity of gastric acid each day and is also needed to stimulate starch-digesting enzymes.

Magnesium Chloride is the mineral of rejuvenation and prevents the calcification of our organs and tissues so characteristic of the old age-related degeneration of our body.


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