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Why do we Emphasize Immune STABILIZING and not BOOSTING??

Emphasize Immune STABILIZING

The Imsyser Health product range was designed as a 100% Natural product range that specialises in a very unique way . It was designed to support firstly Immunity (not as a booster but as an Immune Stabiliser) and then designed to support optimal gut heath, which also relates to Immunity since most diseases have their origin from within the gut.

Never compromising any one product of its unique ‘job description ‘ but more importantly highlighting its unique design to complement healing as a whole was the mastermind behind the product range. 

In a chronically growing toxic environment we had better realize the value of these amazing products that quite simply , and gently so, assist the body to do what it was created to do best with a little help. A compromised gut and or Immune System can never serve you optimally.

Imsyser has a 3 step health/detox kit which include products that may be taken individually or for best results as a kit:

Step 1: a 7 day detox programme doing a Deep Intestinal Cleanse. Results are almost immediate, painlessly removing mucoidal lining & gut waste as it is stripped and excreted out of the body. Toxic auto-infection is prevented as special herbs are included to help with the neutralising of this as toxins are released upon disposal of the waste.

Step 2: Then the 12 Strain Liquid Pro & Prebiotic ( with natural digestive enzymes) used to stabilise gut microme and therefore gut activity. It has been established that we do need a daily supplement from birth these days as unfortunately this essential microbial supplementation is sadly lacking from our plant sources and therefore our foods.

This is a uniquely designed product streets ahead of its opposition in its number of strains and composition as it mimics the human gut microme.

Step 3: and lastly, but not least the Imsyser Immune System STABILSER tablet assisting in supplying all the essential minerals, vitamins , amino acids and a sourse of Omega 3,6 & 9.

All of this from a whole plant source with its excellent ability to do a gentle cellular detox that is crucial for maintaining most Auto-Immune conditions.

Immune boosters do not do this!

Energy supply is natural; noted almost immediately and you feel the difference!

Imsyser has a passion to enlighten our clients on various health issues and so too assist them in making right choice in this regard. We also share articles to assist in an ongoing education for the greater good of all.

This is a generational calling from our company: go back to basics, good nutrition as supplied by Mother Earth and you the client see and feel the difference without adding the existing toxic load.

Our products are available countrywide in leading pharmacies and selected clicks and Dischem stores in Namibia Visit or call Customercare @ 086 010 3859 for more. Or simply click here:

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