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Why Detox ?

The problem you’re having, and even your doctor might be shocked to know, is that right now you’re walking around with an average of 5-10lbs. of undigested rotting fecal matter in your intestines.

So it’s no wonder why almost 1 in every 4 Americans suffers from some type of digestive illness. A condition that’s a lot more severe than it sounds and carries with it dire health consequences.

Even low levels of toxicity can make you weak and tired…the resulting loss of oxygenated blood flow can cripple your sex life…and the build up of harmful parasites and rotting fecal matter in your bowels can destroy your immune system and your life!

And laxatives won’t help – they only mask part of the problem. And they do nothing to clean or detoxify your bowels, or kill the harmful parasites that live there.

Even worse, most laxatives are addictive and can leave you sick, runny and dangerously dehydrated.

But today I’d like to offer you a very effective solution – the same solution I offer to my patients and friends. A REAL solution that can literally give you a new lease on life – one that’s simple, fast and very effective!

–  Almost over night you can super charge your Immune System
– Maximise your erectile function
– Sleep through the night without interruptions
– And put an end to digestive nightmares and irritable bowels forever.

When it comes to bowel health and regularity, most people have no idea what’s going on – so they chalk the problem up as being a natural part of the ageing process. You see, when waste matter sits in your bowels for any length of time, the proteins it contains rot and decay, fats turn rancid and carbohydrates begin to ferment – which opens the door for bacterial putrefaction and the build-up of health threatening substances in your colon.

Just imagine if you had to walk around all day carrying a bag of rotting fecal matter and what affect it would have on your health. Because that’s exactly what happening inside you right now!

And the symptoms of this toxic build up go far beyond anything you might expect, everything from…

Low sex desire…to trouble sleeping…diarrhoea… constipation…irritated bowels…lack of energy and fatigue…erectile failure…even chronic pain!

On top of all that, your bowel health is a critical factor in your body’s ability to digest and absorb the vital nutrients it needs to sustain itself. So if you don’t do something NOW you might as well throw all your vitamin supplements right in the trash!

And if left unchecked, common bowel disorders can lead to very serious organ dysfunction and other health problems that would require serious medical attention.

–  Aid in Digestion
– Kill harmful parasites
– Put an end to bloating and gas
– Detoxify your digestive system
– Cleanse your bowels
– And stimulate the passage of built up rotten fecal mater

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