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Why Detox?

……You do need a detox! And yes ‘detox’ has a got a bad name in the past years but how you do it remains crucial for lasting health in terribly compromised times! We care about our clients’ health. What we do is not different, how we do it, however, is what makes us different. Our…


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……You do need a detox!

And yes ‘detox’ has a got a bad name in the past years but how you do it remains crucial for lasting health in terribly compromised times!

We care about our clients’ health. What we do is not different, how we do it, however, is what makes us different. Our products are unique. What makes them unique is that they were developed to support the body’s own natural defence system, your Immunity, through effective gut health.

To start off with:

Whether it be a simple 7-day Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse because a regular seasonal cleanse is pretty much standard – this gentle deep intestinal cleanse is not only simple to do; does NOT change your daily habits eating or otherwise (toilet activity) and should manage to bounce off a quick weight loss of between 2-5kg  added in the equation…

Or a daily gentle cellular detox with the Imsyser Immune Support Tabs – another must-do with all the toxic load at cellular level building up over time in most auto-immune conditions where the Immune System is compromised – this is the most natural approach Mother Nature has to offer where the help comes from a wholefood source supplied by indigenous plants for your very best daily health defence and Immune Support.

1. Gut Detox – Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse https://shop.imsyser.co.za/collections/all-products/products/imsyser-deep-intestinal-cleanse

What is your Toxic Load looking like? A compromised gut is a compromised Immune System. All health stems from the gut and all Immunity from within the gut. ANY road to true wellness starts with getting rid of the TOXIC road blocks – toxic waste in our digestive system – this is 95 % of the root cause of most ill-health.

We do suggest a seasonal parasite cleanse for all those sushi lovers. But hey lets face the facts the parasites come from everywhere as part of the whole super bug scenario…and they need to be managed. There is enough evidence that parasites have been identified as root to many cancers:


Parasites can cause great damage to the human body, weakening our Immune System thereby causing disease. Therefore, even though it is quite normal for parasites to cycle through our bodies, it is very important to eliminate them on a regular basis… They are probably the most diverse of all biological forms and yet remain hostile to humans. Parasites are all around

us: in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Every single living organism can be infected by these super-bugs.

And then…not gut but liver…but equally important since the gut is the day brain for healthy living as the liver is the night brain for extended healthy living:

Here no product is required but merely following this link for an overnight flush that produces miracles. We are no talking about liver support where milk thistle or similar is advised but a flush to remove toxins and stones.

The results are spectacular.

The liver is the most important and longest organ in the human body. Its main function is to filter and clean the blood. Up to one third of all one’s blood is at any given time in the liver. The formula of the Liver Cleanse is based on knowledge used for hundreds of years by thousands in many countries of the world.

Did you Know? A Liver Cleanse done within 24 hours can prevent a gallstone operation!

Good health is impossible without a proper functioning liver. Over time, we abuse and overtax the liver, so that illness is the inevitable result.

And don’t forget the need for a daily Probiotic to optimise you gut performance to make all this detoxing happen at its most optimal level:



Imsyser’s Fermented Liquid Microbial Probiotic Product contains multiple

(12) strains of Pre & Probiotics, Synbiotics and Postbiotics. The Imsyser Probiotic range restores health from the mouth to the end of the colon and the multiple strains offer you one of the best, totally unique Probiotics in the market-place.



A DAILY SUPPLEMENT that scientific studies have proven we just cannot do without any longer!!

2. Cellular Detox – Imsyser immune Support Tablets https://shop.imsyser.co.za/collections/all-products/products/copy-of-imsyser


Wholefood supplement designed for modern day Auto-Immune Diseases where the true value of this amazing unique supplement lies in the value add of a daily internal cellular detox to re-establish internal cellular balancing whilst simultaneously supplying all the essential wholefood nutrition needed for optimal Immunity in all Immune compromised patients.

Imsyser is not just for people suffering from diseases; Imsyser can also be used as a beneficial food supplement or as part of a healthy nutritional program.

And last but definitely not least

If the problem is deeper, as in the case of heavy metal issues, the Imsyser Chaya Range (Green food) will ensure a different type of detox also at cellular level with improved circulation and fat & sugar metabolism for your more advanced long-term solution for improved cellular health. In combination,  these products perform accelerated health results in all health aspects .

SUPER NUTRITION & SUPER IRON LEVELS for those who need more energy, better memory, circulation and skin tone; improved sugar & fat metabolism excellent for weight-loss and Diabetes; heart, cholesterol and liver functions.

Most of our products are available country wide inleading pharmacies and health shops but may also be accessed online:

Or Call 086 010 3859

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