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This time around let’s spend time on our favourite’s …our animals.             

There is an huge increase in all types of chronic health conditions in not only the humankind but in our pets and generally in nature i.e. our soil is “sick” and therefore our food sources from the plants through to the even the animals we then consume.

The result! Compromised Immunity!

As with people and animals, the Immune System, a perfect system mostly within the gut, a perfect initial Godly ‘concept’ as our most powerful tool is now compromised. The Immune System as a result of toxic overload and huge amounts of stressors becomes ‘overwhelmed’, over-taxed and over-burdened……. These stressors are everywhere: toxins, pollutants, pathogenic organisms and allergens, resulting in lowered Immune function which sets the stage for the above and many other chronic conditions.

We and our pets are often suffering and pay the price in symptoms that unfortunately we only seem to have been brain-washed into believing can be cured by ‘medicine’.     

How to cure this insane progression of dis-ease…

Removing the Immune triggers remains core. And guess what it applies for humans as much as it does for our favourite pets:


Foods and treats with these ingredients need to be avoided as they can be toxic and/or allergenic: corn gluten or wheat   gluten, wheat, soy or soy protein, yeast, artificial colourants, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives.  Pet food and feed stores can help you find healthful choices.   Organic pet foods are available, and if pet is eating ‘people’ foods, organic is VERY important.

My suggestion if you can make your own pet food from the same choices you would doing for yourself and supplement to fill the gap.


Never give chlorinated tap water! Let’s face it….would you drink it?? NO!!

Clorox-type bleach is often used in our water supply and is part of the CANCER COMPLEX.   Most municipal water companies DO NOT use NSF chlorine, the only safe form of chlorine.  Provide only clean well, distilled or spring water.

Once again my little input…a little activated silver alternating with a good liquid probiotic like the Imsyser brand ( good for all ages and pets) can be added. Don’t add to the water  together as they will negate each other or if your pet is really sick add the probiotic to the food and do the activated silver separately to negate all yeast, bacteria and or infections internally or externally. Its simply a natural antibiotic!!


Chemical exposure of all kinds is harmful to your pet.  All the waxes, polishes, spray & other chemical cleaners, plug-in and spray deodorizers, bleach, etc. emit harmful and toxic fumes to your pet – and you!  Most people don’t have a clue – because all the advertising makes people believe they are safe.  Try to learn and do ‘green’, non-toxic cleaning. 

Remember your animals are living in the same environment you are living in and so too your babies. Just stop to think. Natural body biorhythms allow for organisms in a healthy co-existence and the moment these hugely chemical products are introduced all healthy ‘norms’ go out of whack.

•PESTICIDES (and Herbicides, Fungicides)

Same goes with pesticides, both indoor and outdoor.  We are not informed how very toxic and harmful these really are.  NEVER expose your pet to pesticide spraying.  ROUNDUP IS IMPLICATED IN HUMAN AND PET LYMPHOMA.  Find natural, effective, 100% non-toxic products – Google it.  Avoid chemical flea treatments and collars, they are NOT harmless, please do your own research.


Animals carry parasites of all kinds and some can be damaging, even deadly.  Find a natural pet dewormer and remember the good fight needs to happen on the inside. A good probiotic will control all kinds of overgrowth when supported from the inside.


For the very same reasons you are supposed to look after yourself in the regard, you and your babies you need to do the same for your ‘furry babies’. All the cell phones, TV and Internet satellite dishes and Wi-Fi need to be turned OFF when not in use and at night.  The verdict is not fully in on EMF damage, but many studies indicate it is far more harmful than commonly thought.


Changes in recent years have vets giving certain vaccinations EVERY 3 YEARS, not every year.  Vets still doing vaccines every single year may be more interested in making extra money.   Research the subject carefully from reliable resources.  There are options.  Consult a Holistic Vet! We are pretty much off line in regards our normal healthy blog and or advice but guess what, the same rules apply. Much animal love from the Imsyser health team….

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