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A Whole New Look At Detoxification especially for Cancer

Modern Day Disease Means a Whole New Look at Detoxification …. A must for those serious about combatting most auto-immune conditions and especially CANCER.

This is always the first step in all cancer treatments: detox of the Liver, Detox of the Kidneys, Detox of the Gut and a general Parasite & Candida Flush and of course heavy metal detoxes…over and over again till the systems are squeaky clean and then the building up of the Immunity starts.

Modern day toxins in our foods, through our interactions with people, or situations, and products, means we have no choices NOT to do a regular detox in any form of disease prevention. Pollutants are in our soil, water, and air, and that means they are in our food supply.

We have toxins in our cosmetics, household goods, and everyday cleansers etc. Heavy metals and arsenic to formaldehyde and parabens are found in most products all serving as endocrine disruptors, oestrogen mimics, and toxic overload results….then of course we haven’t touched sides on the lesser known culprits, our minds, our thought processes etc.

Cancer rates are increasing sharply and we HAVE TO make a difference TODAY. It is OUR choice to do so and NOT Big Pharma’s responsibility. They don’t care about “curing” anything at all otherwise they would not be allowing us to over medicate with all those ‘drugs’ we take every day. Or did I say it was OUR choice??!!!

Yes I did say it IS our choice! These deadly toxins don’t just happen! We take them believing the mass manipulation and then we pass then through our poor bodies believing the lies. What makes many of these chemicals so dangerous is that they accumulate in your body, gradually building up to levels that are so toxic, ‘dis-ease’ has no choice but to set in.

Imsyser has the perfect 100% natural product range to assist you in tackling this problem from

  1. Detoxing; to
  2. Building up your OWN Immunity thereafter to attend to the job it was designed to do – assist in tackling the ‘enemy’ whilst restoring health from a nutritional perspective.

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