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Who is really the Killer?

Why worry Covid-19 virus when the underlying issue, auto-immunity and metabolic syndrome is really the killer

The stats on who is at risk with the Covid-19 is all over the media across board. To repeat these stats on the existing madness would serve no purpose but the real issue is however the fact something “deeper” is putting people more at risk and chasing the death rates up – and it is not only old age!

250 million people are suffering from auto-immunity worldwide and it is becoming a massive health concern.

Auto-immunity is the condition where the Immune System becomes compromised and begins to attack itself. This is not just a condition where long term abuse of a compromised Immunity is at play from 2 origins – one being a compromised Immunity due to nutrient deficiencies – and then, two, and mostly the case, the impact of chronic toxicity on the Immune System.

And, with all honesty, the reason for the high increase of the statistics is very much based on the fact that even if we had the best of foods around, the nutritional deficit already exists at soil level as does the toxic load and all these same supplies, including our water supplies, to everything we eat, drink or use….is our toxic load …and then we are not even going to the root of diseases in its toxic mental or spiritual form!!!    

How to start restoring these imbalances

As always, it’s back to basics…

  1. Healthy good water, daily, and enough of it…
  2. Some healthy sunshine exposure daily to up your natural vitamin D levels and boost emotional states.
  3. Improve circulation with a little exercise and if you really can’t; use the best 100% natural supplement to aid such:
  1. Good thoughts and more specifically forgiveness is crucial, and needs to be worked at daily – and this is probably the biggest contributing factor to toxicity I have seen in the cancers driven from a chronic auto-immune origin. Scary truths have been revealed in my years at Imsyser health that I wish I could ignore but just cannot!
  2. Super nutrition! Knowing that you are short-supplied from soil source your very best organic wholefood source as with the Imsyser Immune Support Tabs had better be your very best supplement going forward – all your essential nutrition including your Omegas and super antioxidants plus the added advantage of ensuring a daily cellular detox is maintained:
  1. Sleep enough! Rest!
  2. And, of course, since the condition is not dependent on just the input, but also the output, from a detox perspective – Imsyser health products specialises in an array of products doing just that, super naturally, gently on the different systems as needed to ensure your very best internal health balance is attained and maintained:

And in the case of the Imsyser Health Product range we have them all:

(micro toxicity)


(heavy metal detox)

A daily Probiotic has become crucial going forward

Probiotics and Autoimmune Disease

I could and should have added this product under the list of products crucial for maintaining this natural healthy internal balance – as required for all health systems within a huge micro-organisms-eco-systems (the sum total of our body) – another huge common denominator we find with auto-immune patients is that they almost always have some kind of bacterial imbalance in the gut. But of course this one product even it was your only one you would choose out of all the range needs to be highlighted because it IS that important.

Having a healthy bacterial balance is key to having a healthy digestive tract and proper Immune functions. In fact, it is the “sum total” of all health. Dysbiosis, this imbalance, is also heavily associated with inflammation that can directly promote auto-immunity since all chronic inflammation is the start of the metabolic processes leading to imbalances end eventual “dis-ease”.

The microbiome connection to autoimmunity

Unfortunately, modern day toxicity means we have many things that really destroy the good bacteria in our gut. These are things like municipal tap water, pesticides in crops, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, processed foods, alcohol, and the list goes on. So, the first priority is to really work on getting this ‘microbiome-destroying-toxins’ out of our lives, then to repopulate the gut with healthy good bacteria. Its not just your very best common live cultures that are crucial for optimal health but also your soil-based species that optimise this best internal support that makes the Imsyser range top of the probiotic supplies!!!

Incorporating Imsyser Probiotics into your daily routine will serve all health, adults and children alike best … and, quite classically, it’s a no-brainer when all healing needs to happen top (brain health) to bottom (colon), inside and out for your very best health going forward!

At Imsyser we care but we also happen to have all the best natural products to support all the best health going forward; be it disease prevention for all the good that needs to go into the body as well as all of that which needs to be removed out of the body to ensure optimal balance going forward. Simply call 086 010 3859 or click here:

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