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stress types and how they affect us

“There are many different types of stress that may thrust us into fight or flight mode.. I take the following model from Dr. C.E. Gant, which is an excellent in depth illustration.

  1. Cognitive stress – includes impractical expectations of self and others, thinking and problem solving process, reading, trying to make others happy, learning.
  2. Sensory stress – no quiet time alone, ongoing pain, glaring lights, blaring noise.
  3. Toxic stress – this includes exposure to substances like mold, petrochemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, air fresheners, perfumes and cologne, air pollution, or even internal toxins like ammonia.
  4. Emotional stress – the most well known type of stress may refer to issues such as, loss of a relationship, interpersonal conflict, death in the family, coping with a chronic illness, dysfunctional or abusive relationships, childhood neglect and/or abuse, loss of employment, living in poverty or struggling to make ends meet and divorce.
  5. Immune Stress – covers things like inflammation, autoimmune disorders, allergy
  6. Oxidative stress – impairment in detoxification, lung conditions, getting enough clean air, circulation
  7. Structural stress – temporomandibular joint, osteoporosis, chiropractic issues
  8. Endocrine and neurotransmitter stress – premenstrual syndrome, type 2 diabetes, neurotransmitter depletion, menopause, thyroid disorders, hormone imbalance
  9. Infections stress – viruses, yeast and fungi, parasites
  10. Purposelessness – covers spiritual matters like inner peace, self-discovery, disconnection, living a meaningful life
  11. Energetic stress – cell phones and towers, computers, earth energies, negative people
  12. Metabolic stress – nutrient status, body pH, syndrome x, glucose issues

The added combination of any of the stressors in this list that may apply to your situation is what Dr. Gant calls the body’s Total Stress Load. The more stressors you are contending with, the higher your total stress load. The higher your total stress load, the more often you will be in the sympathetic stress mode — thus a state of chronic stress.

Our ancestors did not face these 12 different types of stress and the numerous possibilities under each one. They had short term temporary stress, so the fight/flight system served them well. However, the dilemma in our modern day life is that the brain and body cannot distinguish the difference between a real threat and a perceived threat. All types of stress are perceived by the brain as a wild animal that is a threat to our survival, so each and everyone of these types of stress thrusts you into fight or flight mode. Most of us are dealing with chronic stress on a daily basis.”

It is however simply then it is what is but how are we going to deal with it since your health is worth a lot more to you. Stress is Cancer forming but can be avoided! Make that choice ! It won’t be easy but well worth it!!! Love from the Imsyser health Team 086 010 3859

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