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When Your “Bad” Inside manifests to the outside

Your experience…

Classically this could mean bad breath, or bad skin odours as well just a good ‘stinky poop’! All of them and many others such as a bad skin reactions such as acne are simply the outside manifestations of what is really happening on the inside!

Manifestations in the Mouth

As an Oral hygienist for more than 30 years, bad breath was the most discussed issue in my surgery. And it did not always relate to a periodontal problem (gum disease as directly linked to bad bacteria and/or lack of oral hygiene)  but to smells from within which occurs mostly at the microbial level, especially if it is a chronic problem, and not just a food, alcohol or cigarette smell related issue. A daily probiotic is always advised for best oral health and management of the throat microbiome all the way down to the gut and lowest end of the digestive tract:

Your gut should have a balance of somewhere near 85% good bacteria:15%  bad bacteria. An imbalance between good and bad bacteria can predispose you to a wide number of health problems more serious than bad breath and body odour.

Bad breath might result of the bacteria in our mouths breaking down lingering food particles in between our teeth, on our gums and tongue and or the same type of bad bacterial overgrowth happening within the gut. Sulfuric compounds are released, giving off a bad odour and producing what we know as bad breath, often coming from the stomach as well. If not, check for cavities; these too might be causal for bad smells especially where infection is present.

The overwhelming majority of bad breathe cases are caused by the bacteria in a person’s mouth but research has shown all the other factors as much causal as mentioned by gut issues like gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), where the contents of a person’s stomach leak back up into the oesophagus causing discomfort and smells.

Bacteria are mostly active within the saliva and when either medications or sleep reduces saliva production, you run the risk of bad breath in the morning or throughout the day where chronic meds are applicable. Even mere dehydration can cause this type of dehydration – so water is good for preventing bad breath as well as all other healthy bodily functions. Medications are not limited to this list but might include antihistamines, diuretics, antipsychotics, and muscle relaxants.

So too, open-mouth breathing, also a drying out of the mouth will reduce saliva production, aggravating bad breath. Bad bacteria live in the pockets around the teeth and on the tongues and in the various crevices in the mouth and if these are not kept clean, smells may result. This may or may not run hand in hand with infections from the nose and or throat also manifesting in bad breathe. This should however be short-lived soonest infection is cleared which is almost always controlled by microbiome management. Or help restore the natural balance with the introduction of the Imsyser nasal spray helping clear your nasal passages colloidal silver and some natural minerals including Magnesium:

Going further afield past the nose, mouth, throat and gut….

Did you know that perspiration is merely a manifestation of the accumulation of too many bad bacteria under for instance the armpits and that is the classic smell. So, if you ere to effectively remove all these daily and use classically a Colloidal Silver spray on the armpits without toxic chemical anti-perspirants you should avoid any horrid smells. It will not stop the actual perspiration but if the bugs are under control the smell is too and that pretty much applies for the whole body, even the lower end.

And finally, the skin….

We are in reality one massive surface area and with that goes a potential living microbiome on the inside and outside. Once again if the inside is good as a rule the outside performs well even when hormones are at play. There is not a skin specialist or beauty therapist that would not agree with this statement and as per one of my previous blogs specifically on skin issues – I have seen the results over and over again. Remember the most amazing thing about a liquid probiotic is that it can also be applied onto the skin and or lesion for effective healing – here too I have seen the results over and over again.

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