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What you need to know about the Imsyser Probiotic

The Secret…

….pretty much this little difference makes all the difference compared to most their probiotics in the market place….

This “little difference” is a tiny healthy good bacterium that scientists have named Bifidobacterium longum BB536. It thrives in your large intestine (colon) and is the one that makes us ‘poop’ properly.

Modern day lifestyle issues render us deplete of this one good bacterium and this is more than likely the one big issue for most of us. Scientists have found that the stools of constipated people contain far less of this important bacterium – and often none at all!

A healthy poop is mostly water – about 75% of the total volume. The solid part of your stool is made up of the bacteria which have thoroughly digested your food. These masses of bacterial cells are what really gives bulk to your stool, not the fibre in your diet. And since these bacteria trap and hold water, they also determine how soft or hard your poop will be. So, if you don’t have enough of this bacterium in your bowels, your poop will be dry, rock-hard and difficult to pass. In other words, you’ll be constipated.

So if your Probiotic does not have this good bacteria the results are as follows:

1. Hard, dry stools. Passing these are painful because you must push and strain – which puts dangerous pressure on your heart, arteries and brain.

2. Erratic, irregular bowel movements. Some people miss having a bowel movement for several days.  This is unhealthy and keeps toxic wastes “backed up” in your intestine, which can leak into your bloodstream.

3. Overgrowth of disease-causing “bad” bacteria and yeast in your bowels. These nasty microbes destroy your beneficial “good guy” bacteria, setting you up for inflammation, infections, disease and numerous health problems.

Good and bad bacteria are in a constant battle for dominance in your digestive tract. If the probiotic good bacteria win, the results will be good health… problem-free digestion… regular bowel movements… clear skin… happy moods… and a stronger immune system. So it is pretty much a daily necessity to ensure your supplies are maintained for best healthiest results.

The Health Benefits of Probiotics

1. Protect against antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains (“supergerms”).

2. Help prevent and fight yeast infections (candidiasis).

3. Manufacture B vitamins and vitamin K.

4. Produce lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk.

5. Suppress bacteria that convert nitrates into carcinogenic nitrites.

6. Inhibit bacteria that secrete toxins and carcinogens

7. Function as natural antibiotics against pathogenic bacteria, viruses and yeasts.

8. Enhance regular bowel function.

9. Prevent and reverse constipation.

10. Reverse diarrhoea conditions.

11. Relieve bloating, gas and abdominal cramps.

12. Improve skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

13. Protect against radiation and pollutants.

14. Reduce levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

15. Relieve food cravings to aid weight-loss.

16. Eliminate bad breath.

17. Optimize sex hormone levels.

18. Prevent osteoporosis.

19. Improve the digestibility of “problem” foods.

20. Beneficial in the treatment of numerous digestive medical conditions.

Unless your probiotic has all of the best strains especially this one, you’re wasting your time and money. Not only is it multiples of these but the prebiotics needed to feed and support these and then of course the Synbiotics that do just that support and ensure perfect interaction in this regard. You see, the human gut contains more than 400 species of beneficial bacteria that help digest your food, strengthen your immunity, and destroy disease-causing pathogens, viruses, and yeasts. And with modern day issues you had better be choosing the best one in the market place that has now stood the test of time, Imsyser.

More on this amazing product

Imsyser’s’ Fermented Liquid Microbial Probiotic Product contains 12 strains of Nature’s most natural form of Pre- & Pro-biotics, and multiple classes of live bacteria, including  Synbiotics and Postbiotics to ensure diverse interactive release of digestive enzymes as mimicked in the gut.

Imsyser’s’ Probiotic, unlike freeze-dried products in the market place are fermented at body temperature and contains the full range of natural enzymes, lactic acid and live bacteria necessary to restore health from within the mouth to the end of the colon for optimum digestive balance and full body health, ensuring its position as one of the best, totally unique Probiotics in the market-place.

Being liquid and raw you cannot get a Probiotic any closer to its Natural state:

100% NATURAL                                  GMO FREE

VEGAN FRIENDLY                              SOY FREE

GLUTEN FREE                                    LACTOSE FREE

DAIRY FREE                                        NON-FREEZE-DRIED

A DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT that scientific studies have proven we just cannot do without any longer!!

A DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT that restores vital bacteria no longer provided by modern diet!!

A DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT providing natural bacteria needed for good health and growth in adults and children!!

A DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT that regulates and aids sensitive digestive tracts and digestive orders!!


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