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What to know about strokes

More on Strokes

One of the scariest realities for me in the past few years is seeing how the stats increase on the number of especially woman on getting strokes. I know things have changed – most woman work nowadays and more importantly the stress to maintain a household with the woman being the sole bread winner has literally changed everything that ever was normal for most.

To pay attention to detail around strokes; how they work and how to be prevented is now more than ever very important. During a stroke, every second counts. Quite simply put, without a supply of oxygen and nutrients provided by the blood, brain cells die at a shocking rate of 1.9 million per minute.

No wonder stroke is the fifth leading cause of death and major cause of disability.

And the worst of all… most of us even at a young age are already in a compromised starting position. Toxic load, poor food supply, excessive daily stress, meds, chronic lack of sleep and so the list goes on. Lifestyle issues keeps us bound. Thoughts keep us bound. And then of course there is very little go to support spiritually as most just don’t seem very interested in this very important part of the life-giving part to staying healthy.   

I am sharing this really good 15 minute talk from a doctor I might add that has from his own experiences realised the value add of getting to understand disease and catch it before it catches you – in fact he nearly lost his son ‘in ignorance’ not understanding the underlying causes are often there long before the time and just need to be addressed one by one to find your inner balance and health again:  

At Imsyser we help Educate and Inspire our Clients!

We care about our clients’ health. What we do is not different, how we do it, however, is what makes us different. Our products are unique. What makes them unique is that they were developed to support the body’s own natural defence system, your Immunity, through effective gut health.

By observing so many people suffer from so many symptoms of our modern day auto-immune ‘dis-eases’; taking chronic drugs upon more chronic drugs to alleviate disease symptoms, stirred a deep passion within to try and help people achieve optimal health through informed healthy decision and choices.

Find Your Balance

Being Happy, Starts with Being Healthy!

We love seeing our customers achieving optimal health through using our products. When you make Imsyser part of your daily lifestyle, you are investing in your well-being, and also the well-being of your family, creating a Living Legacy.

Take Control of Your Own Health Now!

Imsyser’s’ 3 Step Health Kit;  Your Ultimate Health Care Plan!

Imsyser offers a new approach in a market trend that is fast becoming the No.1 trend of the century!!

Our Flagship range consists of 3 Incredible Natural Health Products designed to create Balance from within. These 3 products are the ultimate health care range, as they assist in the rooting out of the cause of any ‘dis-eases’ by allowing a gentle cellular &/or gut detox whilst nourishing your Immunity with all the essential nutrition required to optimize your health, well-being and general Immunity, rather than just treating your ‘dis-ease’ symptoms. And quite frankly we are there to help. It’s your choices and our natural product range that is merely designed to assist you on the road to recovery. Its really that simple. Merely call 086 010 3859 Simply click here:

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