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What to do if you can’t sleep

–  Calcium in the diet helps one relax
– Pantothenic Acid taken with Niacin is a Vitamin of the B complex group.
– Taken with niacin will avoid face flushing
– Herbal teas like Hops, Camomile & Quiet Night ( Contains Valerian, Yarrow & Catnip)
– Avoid using caffeine products
– Have a neutral bath before bedtime
– Never retire soon after eating
– Warm clothing & light bedcovers – Keep feet warm if necessary
– Prayer – Trust Him and refuse to worry


Balance between physical & mental exercise 
When spending too much time with books or figure work, the brain becomes overworked and congested. Exercise will bring about circulation & relief. Similarly when at hard physical labour one needs to balance it with some mind activity.

Maintain regularity
Take a weekly day of rest. God gave us the 7th day. Try to maintain regularity in all things. Eating, working & sleeping. Go to bed the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning. Eat your meals the same time each day.

Don’t do two things at once
We try to cram too many things in one day which will only result in our strength being sapped and we will lose our efficiency. Watching T.V. while eating, studying while the radio is playing will hinder our conversation.

Avoid sleeping Pills
Taking sleeping pills stops the dreaming phase which is the light sleep phase. Almost all prescription sleeping pills alter sleep cycles thus suppressing REM Sleep.

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