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What Makes Imsyser’s Probiotic Unique

Probiotic Beauty…

Our Probiotic contains 12 different strains of live, bio-available symbiotic microorganisms. These, including the soil-based super probiotics, have a unique structure that protects them from heat, oxygen, and even passage through the stomach and small intestine. In other words, the good bacteria reach your large intestine and colon intact, where they can colonize and proliferate, supporting optimal health and vitality.

Because the microorganisms are protected from heat and stomach acid, they are able to travel undaunted through the digestive tract to their destination, the large intestine and colon. And to top it all the live, fermented liquid product has a natural fermentation pH of 3.2- 3.5 in which same organisms are constantly multiplying by the readily available supply of prebiotics, another 3 strains, in reality, with natural super antioxidant supply from the special herbs identified to best heal your Immunity.  

Many lactic acid-based probiotics available on the market simply don’t work…

Unless the manufacturer of a lactic acid-based probiotic goes to great lengths to protect their probiotic formula from stomach acid, heat, oxygen, and light, odds are that the CFU count you see on their label is inaccurate. CFU count remains a problem. Many of these manufacturers either don’t understand the need for this, or don’t want to spend the money to do it. Unfortunately this results in many mass market probiotic supplements simply not able to do what they advertise.

The old-school probiotic is just not enough anymore!

Standard Probiotic supplements can make SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) worse. There are certain situations where standard lactic acid-based probiotics can cause more complications than they solve. Because SIBO is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small bowel often caused by chronic constipation or challenges with the nervous system, adding more lactic acid-based bacteria into the small intestine can often add to the misery! This is a situation where a soil-based probiotic makes all the difference and with all honesty if your product does not contain soil-based organisms you should be re-considering your initial choice of Probiotic!!

In reality the unique symbiotic combination is the true strength behind our Probiotic design which allows for this probiotic to  literally ‘live’ in a live, fermented format needing no refrigeration – literally as mimicked from within the gut – co-existing in harmony with all the other microorganisms, gently doing the work of repopulating the gut, feeding and healing the gut lining as such and even more importantly in this interaction releasing natural enzymes as part of the reactional interaction.    

Our Original Supply of Good bacteria

For generations, our beneficial probiotic microorganisms came from our good clean environment and our food. When we picked a root vegetable from the organic, mother earth, the humic rich soil was teeming with microorganisms, many that we exist symbiotically with. In today’s washed and sterile society where we are twice removed from the source of our food, many of us do not have the opportunity to be exposed to these types of probiotics. This is one of the many reasons why digestive issues are so much more common today than they once were. Then we are not even addressing toxicity issues which far outcries any healthy norm or the fact that most foods are so genetically modified they do not even closely resemble something our gut knows how to process.

The Imsyser probiotic is best for all ages, EVERYDAY, but more especially if:

   You are not experiencing success with traditional minor strained lactic acid-based probiotics

   Have taken a course of antibiotics or multiple uses

   You have chronic digestive issues

   You are on chronic meds

   You travel frequently and need to support optimal Immunity

   You have a history of high stomach acid issues

   Battle with chronic Candida

   You do not want to keep their Probiotic in the refrigerator

   Need supernatural results and nothing is working for you

   You need a liquid probiotic product that can do restoration from the mouth all the along the gut

   Can be easily taken – the aged and children – in a little juice or water or even syringed into the mouth Multiple strains is the way forward.

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