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What Live blood analysis detects

Many of  the phenomena observed in the live and dry blood are:

  • The level of activity of the immune system
  • The condition of the red blood cells
  • Liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lung, prostate, uterus and other organ stress
  • Detection of the presence of parasites, yeast, fungus, mold
  • Features observed with blood sugar imbalance
  • Features observed with malabsorption of fats
  • Features observed with protein suspension
  • Features observed with nutrient and vitamin deficiency
  • Features observed with inflammation
  • Observation of crystalline forms such as protoplasts, fibrous thallus, uric acid, cholesterol
  • Features observed with gastro-intestinal tract dysfunction
  • Compiling information from Phased Contrast and Brightfield into a complete analysis

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