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What is TRUE Rest?

Rest Our Bodies From:

1.  Eating Rich Meals
Stay away from too many rich foods which cause indigestion and also overeating. Once a meal is eaten stay away from food for 5 or more hours before taking food again.

If new food is introduced before the first food has cleared the stomach, some of the original food may remain in the stomach for up to 14 hours.  If there is a delay before emptying the stomach several unwanted things happen.  Firstly, bacteria can more readily grow in the central portion of partly digested food.  If the stomach is not working efficiently it may produce too little or too much pepsin (acid).
Energy is spent making theses chemicals and this brings on a sense of fatigue or faintness. The person may feel that his weakness is due to hunger and will then eat again. The overworked stomach must then try to dispose of this food as well and then begins to get inflamed or ulcerated.

2.  Staying Up Late At Night
Because of the biorhythms in our bodies the hours of sleep before midnight are the most important. We were made to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. The cycles of hair growth, menstruation & digestion all rely on a good nights sleep regularly obtained. Memory and concentration are all enhanced by co-operating with our Biorhythms.

3.  Rest Our Minds From Entertainment
Films, books or any other entertainment that excites or causes nervous tension.
Be aware of artificial lights eg. Computers, T.V. etc.
Take only small doses of city life, traffic, shops, crowds and machines.
Nature is made to relax. Being outside and seeing the blue sky increases the production of serotonin – the hormone of relaxation.

4.  Spiritual Rest helps us with guilt and Worry
Everyone is tempted when drawn away by our own lust. Jms 1:15 says that when lust has conceived it brings forth sin; when it is finished it brings forth death. There is only one way out of this dilemma. Sincere heartfelt confession and repentance before the Lord.

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