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What Is So Important About pH?

What is ‘so’ important about pH?

One of the health issues we regularly hammer on is the importance of a stabilised, healthy body pH to secure a healthy internal balance. This is hard work but not only crucially important to work at but one of the key aspects to determining age and most degenerative diseases. This state of internal balance or the lack thereof, your internal body terrain, determines EVERYTHING.

Acidity is one of the ‘buzz words’ and merely reflects the state of balance from alkaline (ideal) towards a more acidic state. Although the body is continually trying to self- adjust with modern day toxicity is has literally become an almost impossible balance to maintain. And one of the reasons this state is so damaging is the fact that our bodies’ can only be healed of any chronic illness when our blood is at a normal, slightly alkaline pH.  Acidosis is a pH imbalance where the body has accumulated too much acid and does not have sufficient acid neutraliser to neutralise the effects. Acidosis may result from a lack of insulin, a starvation diet or even a gastrointestinal disorder like vomiting and diarrhoea. And modern day lifestyles do more damage than good to this already compromised state of being.

Our blood pH has a very narrow range of around 7.35 to 7.45. If our body’s pH deviates from this range, we will be sick or develop symptoms which eventually become a chronic state of ‘dis-ease’. If our blood pH falls below 6.8 or above 7.8, our body cells will stop functioning and ‘death’ eventually will occur. A normal healthy body will have an almost equal blood pH of acidity and alkalinity. The most ideal pH balance is 7.4. where our bodies’ can then effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals and food supplements. And in this health equation, good healthy super hydration is crucially important to this healthy equation.

A body with an acidic pH is more prone to illness. In an acidic environment, red blood cells cannot repel any longer and end up ‘sticking’ together as classically portrayed in live blood analysis tests , forming what is called rouleaux formation. This formation limits the amount of oxygen carrying capacity. Reduced oxygen leads to fatigue, lack of energy, and disease, AND even more important to know and understand is that  cancer cells strives in an oxygen deprived environment (anaerobic).

And then finally, your metabolism deals the final blow to the health equation. Your metabolism and resultant oxidation of foodstuffs or metabolic “waste” produced as a by-product of cellular activity, generally produces acidity as well. These acids must be “balanced”, neutralised, or removed by the body’s buffering and detoxification systems through the kidneys, lungs, liver, and blood. And when these systems are not functioning optimally your health equation might be ‘doomed’!!

The consumption of acid present in the food, air, and water supply aggravates this acidity level. As the saying goes it is ALL about Nutrition. ‘You are what you eat’ and this eventually will catch up with you if healthy ‘supplemental assistance’ is not offered the body to maintain optimal internal balance and health.

Imsyser to the rescue!! A deep intestinal cleanse to ensure optimal healthy gut functioning is established, alongside a 12 strain liquid probiotic ensuring this natural balance is maintained. And finally, at cellular level, a tablet designed to assist with a general ‘internal’ balancing (a gentle cellular detox is established) whilst allowing for optimal oxygen release within the cell to ensure optimal circulatory health.

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