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What is really Destroying our Youth?

Reality about our children of today

Did you know that at any one time there is at least 5 year year waiting period and this is growing yearly for those that need dialysis and may possibly never get help before they eventually pass on😢

The true cause of the epidemic of kidney disease in Africa is MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE, (MG) locally called ‘White Maggi’ or Ajinomotor. You find it Maggi sauce, Maggi cubes, Indomin, Knor cubes. MG is poisonous to the glomerulosites in the kidney, where it serves as filters.

Damage makes the kidneys ineffective and the kidney begins to fail. Worse still a feedback mechanism kicks in to help improve kidney function, but this results in Hypertension, which causes other problems, like Heart attack, Stroke or bleeding in the brain. You don’t need MG in any form to enhance the flavour of your food. Use plenty onions, with little ordinary salt, or use crayfish or Dawadawa or Iru or Ogiri. These are natural glutamates and also helps the body fight and destroy cancer cells.

So help yourself and your family by doing the following:

1). STOP feeding your family with Indomin, it is sure way to kidney failure.

2).STOP using Maggi sauce or cubes for cooking. Your grandmother used to make delicious foods without them.

3). STOP using ‘white Maggi’ for any type of cooking, it’s pure MG and it is POISON!!!!

4). Drink plenty of water every day, it helps dilute other poisonous substances in food and helps the kidneys function better.

5). USE only natural and traditional flavour enhancers as suggested above.

6). Another ‘KILLER’ is ‘SWEETNERS or’ SUGAR ALTERNATIVES’, found in most FEEZY drinks like Zero sugar drinks, Diet feezy drinks, ‘no-added’ sugar drinks, they are the primary cause for the Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity pandemic in the world. Please use ordinary sugar or cane sugar in moderation.

The Result:

The combination of these two ‘KILLERS’ (MG and SWEETNERS) is killing our people, our young men, our children. God has blessed us as a people, but our people are dying and perishing for lack of knowledge. 

The Solution

Avoidance of the above and excessive processed food is core! Drink enough good healthy living water DAILY and endure you take the best Probiotic EVERY day – Imsyser has a 12 strain probiotic that definitely is streets ahead of its competitors in design and bio-availablability.

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