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What is really behind your Health?

New discoveries linked to Covid-19

It is amazing as we watch the stats and constantly new discoveries linked to Covid-19 it somehow still always indicates your microbiome and the health status of such in a ‘healthy’ or ‘dis-eased’ body – in other words s health compromised body. Researchers have discovered that 57% of our body’s total cell count is made up of the microbiome, in other words, non-human cells. The microbiome is the bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites throughout our bodies.

And it’s these ‘microbiome’ when out of whack – simply meaning the bad ones overtake or over-ride the normal healthy systems that control your Immunity – is minimized or destroyed.

The result normally – compromised Immunity. Under normal circumstances that would mean ill-health but during a classic Pandemic – this underlying status could lead to your worst fate!!

What to do?

Quite simply reduce that negative load on the Immune System to help your body cope with what life seems to be throwing at us at the moment!

Who to do it with?

Quite simply once again, your most natural approach to reducing this toxicity should be your first and ultimate goal. With Imsyser we have spent years putting a range together dealing with this very need knowing that it doesn’t take a Pandemic to expose this truth. All modern day toxicity resulting in reduced or compromised Immunity stems from this source.

Getting to the core of it all

Removing Parasites:

Removing Fungi and Candida:

Removing toxic intestinal  load:

Removing all cellular micro toxicity:

Improving your good gut microbiome:

Get rid of heavy metals:

As you reduce loads not only will health naturally improve but energy levels spike and weight loss as well as underlying health conditions literally fizzle out of your life promoting your healthiest you, the way God  intended for you,  again. It’s that simple.

Call the Imsyser team for your very best health advice going forward as we help you on this journey. This our passionate call for all. Call 086 010 3859 or simply click here:

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