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What does Postbiotic means?

What does Postbiotic means?

What does probiotic means
12 Strain Pre & Probiotic

What does Postbiotic means? I know we have delved into the unknown a few times in the past when discussing the Imsyser Probiotic but its is just because there are such huge differences between that which is on the shelf, usually in tablet or capsule format and the Imsyser fermented liquid pre and probiotic.

Being a liquid, the Imsyser Probiotic has a natural bio-availability that none other can claim working form the mouth/throat, which is also in need of microbiome support, all the way too the lowest end of the gut. It is also a fermented product and the gut really likes that. And exactly where the postbiotic claim is very relevant: Postbiotics is a short chain fatty acid; a by-product of healthy bacteria in the gut fermenting the food we eat; or should be eating. Butyrate is a postbiotic.

Bacteria in your large intestine are supposed to ferment food, and postbiotics are an incredibly important part of a healthy gut. They’re anti-inflammatory and one of the best defences we have against leaky gut. So, it would be a no brainer to say that having a fermented probiotic like the Imsyser brand, that contains pre and probiotics, as well a natural release post biotics, it can only come out tops.

Synbiotics not be forgotten  

Symbiotics, composed of live microorganisms which when administered in adequate doses, can benefit the health of the host. They are formed by the association of one or more probiotics with one or more prebiotics.

So; we have a liquid (for easy use especially aged and youth), live (actual live organisms continuously growing in a food medium plus the prebiotics feeding them), fermented with Synbiotics and postbiotics that has stood the test of time against stomach acids (as it has a similar pH controlling bacterial life) that doesn’t need any refrigeration; in a 500ml container making it enough for families…..what more could you ask for:

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