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What do we mean by a ‘comprehensive’ live Probiotic?

Life cannot survive without the work of bacteria

Since the beginnings of life on Earth, bacteria have been a vital part of the life cycle of every living organism on the planet. It is bacteria that allow plants, animals and humans alike to use the nutrition from their foods. Bacteria are involved in the growth and correct functioning of cells. They help living organisms to create natural vitamins and antibiotics and are a major factor in fighting disease. To sum it all up: life cannot survive without the work of bacteria.   

Let’s sum up a few Problems in the existing Market Place

Problem no 1 – in the present health industry, your average probiotic is still in tablet or capsule form  – still needing activation; that is after the capsule is dissolved before any potential resultant good bacterial strain is available – is that most active probiotic bacterial cells are destroyed by the stomach acid before they even reach the small and large intestine! Therefore, the exact number taken could in some ways be considered irrelevant or not so critical especially when random billions are being advertised of a single type.

Problem no 2 – the main purpose of taking probiotics is to provide viable cells of good bacteria which can seed or multiply in the small and large intestine. It is not, factually, to physically populate the colon with good bacteria from just the probiotic bacteria that survive and reach the colon. This would be a mammoth task given the small number that reach the colon and the several kilos of good bacteria required there. Providing a regular supply of seeding bacteria to the colon and ensuring optimal conditions (and food) for the good bacteria and adverse conditions (and a lack of food) for the bad bacteria, is the main goal to achieving and maintaining a healthy floral gut balance.

Problem no 3 – most probiotics do not have the prebiotics as part of the product – feeding the live good bacteria to produce this -on going multiplication for the seeding.

Problem no 4live, fermented is not possible from a table or capsule

Problem no 5multiple strains is seldom found in probiotics visible on shelf

Problem no 6digestive enzymes is most seen as a separate add on when taking a probiotic to super boost digestive functions

Problem no 7 – mostly as per very old scripts probiotics are seen as a co-treatment plan during an antibiotic course and not as a daily necessity – so very often dosages are allocated to at most 5 days not sufficient to give you daily protection.

Problem no 8 – very few probiotics contain soil-based organisms which in the total micro-organism equation is almost the missing link to a really effective probiotic.

Problem no 9 – most liquid probiotics need refrigeration – and refrigeration puts any live bacteria into a dormant state till activated – with no count of potential loss over time.

Problem no 10 – no probiotics have natural herbs included as part of their technology to soothe, heal and provide nutritional support at gut level –

The Imsyser Technology

The Imsyser Technology is a 100% natural and is based on a unique and highly effective combination of beneficial inter-active microorganisms (12 strains) that operate in a revolutionary relationship with each other and in so doing enable (releasing digestive enzymes as well) and optimise your own natural microbiome to function to their fullest potential on a every physical level as required to fully optimise your own Immunity.  The basic groups of microorganisms in the Imsyser Liquid Microbial Product are lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and phototrophic bacteria including your soil-based organisms (SBO’s).

What is new is the means to harness the capabilities of these various types of microorganisms in one effective, self-supporting and effective group with a continued shelf life. Most probiotics available today contain only one or two species of bacteria, grown as pure cultures and then freeze-dried so that they may be kept alive. It is not a natural process, and this ‘process’ does not contain the full range of species that microbes usually interact with as a part of their normal life cycle. Moreover, these probiotics are grown in a sterile environment, with no competition, and so when they are introduced to the wild and variable ecosystems of the “real world”, their ability to survive is severely impeded.

The microbes in Imsyser’s Liquid Microbial Product, however, comprise a wide range of beneficial micro-organisms, naturally fermented together at body temperature, allowing them to grow, interact and compete naturally over time with the latest technology in a good manufacturing compliant factory. This unique process helps to create a consortium of highly effective, inter-dependent microbes that have the ability to survive together in any environment into which they are placed, influencing that environment in a regenerative (rejuvenating) direction, whether it be in a human or animal body, soils, plants or water.

It is not about the number but if anything about the number of species as mimicked in Nature and in our bodies. It is also bout the finished product having 40 trace minerals, vit B, vit A (Retinon easily absorbed by the body), nearly 100 types of enzymes and almost up to 18 amino acids as made available through this growth and interaction.

These phototrophic bacteria, key to our technology, feed off our gases released and harmful toxins, excreting all the life-enhancing nutrition we so desperately need.  All microbes that have a probiotic or beneficial effect on the body are “mesophilic” (grows best in moderate temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, typically between 20 and 45 °C – our body’s natural temperature and that’s why they have formed a symbiotic relationship with other life forms. Put them in a cold environment and they die). So, the whole concept of “freeze-drying” mesophilic bacteria is a complete contradiction.

It is the inter-dependency and mutually beneficial actions of these various microbes which make it possible for them to establish themselves within the human body and motivate the already-existing bacteria in a beneficial and regenerative direction. Although Lactic Acid Bacteria, beneficial yeasts and other microbes have properties which are hugely beneficial to organism health, they will never be able to function as they should without the phototropic bacteria that are essential to the establishment of viable survival conditions. It is the phototropic bacteria that produce the oxygen and other substances that allow the vast range of other beneficial microbes to survive and dominate the system.

Beneficial Yeasts synthesize antimicrobial and other useful substances required for cellular growth from amino acids and sugars secreted by photosynthetic bacteria, organic matter and other microorganisms. The bioactive substances such as hormones and enzymes produced by yeasts promote active cell division. These secretions are also useful substrates for effective microbes such as lactic acid bacteria and actinomycetes.

Bacillus Subtilis is a soil-based organism. Bacillus subtilis is a robust strain that’s not only able to withstand the gastrointestinal tract but flourish and positively affect the composition of the microbes in the gut. Studies have shown that this probiotic can produce compounds that are naturally disruptive to harmful organisms. Bacillus subtilis helps displace unfriendly organisms in the body by affecting their ability to colonize.

Problems sorted!! Its s that simple! It is that new yet been available for more than 10 years when big pharma had us believing the lie about what really is important and good for us!!

And now for the clincher during this Pandemic…..

The Imsyser Probiotic has been found effective with breathing problems caused by bacteria or viruses since many of the micro-organisms present in the lungs and respiratory systems such as TB are caused by pathogenic bacteria. So, by increasing the total healthy micro-biome you increase resistance to ailments especially those driven by mould and or Candida growth.

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