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What are we?

What are we? The Importance of a Thought

What are we? It is funny to make a statement like that when in reality that’s what we are, genes, the body works, run by our bacteria… simply put! The best part is that we are not governed by our genes as previously thought but pretty much everything around it which means our bacteria and everything else including:

-the food we eat, feeding the ‘body works’

-the thoughts we thinks directing the ‘body works’

-the Spiritual state we function in regulating and indirectly managing the health of the ‘body works’ system…..nothing is “separate”; we function as a whole, guided by the pool of genes but not controlled by them

The ‘Body works’

There is much that can be determined in this regard because you are what you eat and you are what you think. Having said this it means everything you consume should be healthy if you expect healthy results and so too what you think. But for this body to work optimally it needs a healthy environment. Good bacteria, good nutrition for energy, sunlight to optimize Vit D levels also for natural energy and rest to perform well when it needs to perform well. Add good healthy thoughts and beliefs and you have a winner as long as enough healthy hydration (water) is secured in a well-functioning energized (active) body. Simple to understand but not always performed to its fullest requirements. Quite simply, take one of these healthy balances out of the equation; all balance is disturbed and imbalance results. Disease is merely a manifestation of chronic imbalance.

Imbalance leads to disease     

Let’s take sleep and rest. Chronic sleep deprivation affects more than one billion people worldwide. If you do not rest enough your body cannot perform. All the health systems that need to be set in motion during this time don’t happen. Your body functions like a perfect timer.

Disturb that timing and the clock will fail you!! All balance is…

But so is a healthy Microbiome

By manipulating the gut microbiome, and /or the by-products of the gut microbiota, we would be in a position to prevent or at alleviate some of the consequences of dis-ease.

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