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Weight Loss – Daily Battles

As always the Imsyser team would like to assist our fellow product users and new members in our daily battles with weight loss. It is always about lifestyle and of course the fact, as mentioned before, that most humans actually suffer dehydration more than they actually suffer actual hunger.

A healthy fibre intake is one of the most ignored aspects to this weight loss. Increasing fibre intake always assists in some way in assisting in weight loss. Water fills you up and when taken in conjunction with fibre assist in the ‘full feeling’. The added benefit of course is the fact that blood sugar levels are reduced and so to cholesterol.  Fibre carries this waste out of the intestines and when assisted with enough good natural oils will also assist in the riddance of toxins.

On this note we have to introduce the amazing Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse, a 7 day detox, but can also be used daily without causing any lazy gut reactions. This very product uses one of the best natural fibres, Psyllium Husk, a soluble fibre known to increase bulk and also reduce appetite. This product reduces cholesterol, creating the sense of fullness and in this uniquely developed product has various herbs to assist in the breaking up of the toxic mucoidal plaque lining most people’s gut preventing any decent nutritional intake or for that matter, waste extraction out of the body.  These herbs also assist in the removal of the waste and more importantly the neutralisation of the toxic waste that is released as toxins are set free in this break up of this toxic layer. Another amazing addition is the slippery elm which assists in this removal making it a pain free process over the 7days, twice a day.

Always a good idea to assist in the process by reducing processed foods and increasing fibre rich foods like apples ( with the skin) , vegetables ( with the skin) , avocado & / oils in moderation, evening primrose oils, grape fruits, nuts in moderation and various other foods mentioned in our previous articles. You are what you eat!!

For any information on this product and others designed to support optimal health speak to Imsyser offices @ 086 010 3859.  

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