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Weight-loss challenge

Join Imsyser in association with one of our Clients – Brooks Gym

Come on!! It is almost holiday season, and time to get those bodies in shape! 

It’s back. Bigger and better than ever.

Once again,— challenging you to burn fat, build muscle and transform your body over a 28 day period.

We provide you with an awesome physique-tweaking training and nutrition blueprint to guide your efforts. Commit yourself to this program from start to finish, and invest as much intensity as you can in each training session. You’ll strip away body fat, build lean muscle mass, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and look leaner and more muscular than ever before. Accept our challenge and own a rock-hard physique.  With summer in full swing, you’re probably close to beach-ready or you’re at least panicked enough to realize that it’s finally the time of year when tank tops, shorts, and beach trips will show everyone how “great” your gym progress has been over the last year. This is a 28 day program to get your body burning more fat, build more lean muscle, clean up your nutrition, cut the junk from your diet and help cut any cravings you may have.


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