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Weight & Cellulite Issues

We have had a good summer in SA; elsewhere it may be leading to summer where we possibly bare(d) all but now is the time to pay attention to all those weight issues and hidden cellulite ‘head-aches’ and ‘prune’ ourselves not just for the next season but for life!

We weren’t told Cellulite is a  “dried-up” connective tissue problem; we have used creams and followed diets to no avail. So what do we do with this advice? We look at basic health and it’s as simple as that…

  1. DIET: You are what you eat!!  As always go GREEN. Make sure you feed your body to not only stay healthy but prevent disease.
  • Meat is Omega-6 rich and these FA’s create inflammation and make your cell membranes rigid. This means that your connective tissue will be supplied with sticky, glommed together building materials increasing your chances of cell clusters being pushed up towards your skin – forming those bumps and dimples you hate. So cellulite is a structural and circulatory problem. Eat the correct foods and drink enough good water to loosen up and ultimately make a fresh beginning in that old connective tissue. When your connective tissue rejects fresh blood, it’s also being deprived of nutrition. Anything in your body that’s not getting the nutrition it needs to thrive… is dying. This creates a high-acid, low-oxygenation environment in your blood. And the worst of all; cellulite is… a symptom… that your WHOLE body is being primed for potential disease!
  • Wheat-based foods, even wheat based pasta. When you eat pasta, it spikes your blood sugar – triggering your pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin’s job is to clear your bloodstream of glucose… or sugar. Some of the glucose gets stored in your liver… as glycogen. But the rest of it is stored in your cells as fat. And even though fat isn’t the cause of cellulite, once you have damaged connective tissue, it definitely compounds the problem. So in the same breathe, sugar, for all the same reasons must be avoided at all times. Don’t ‘wean’ yourself off sugar; just stop!! Remember as we have mentioned so many times in various articles previously, your average sweetener and even honey triggers the same ‘sweet’ result for your insulin to spike therefore the same body responses. Stay away!!
  • All ‘trans fat’ foods, which are hydrogenated oils, man-made oils that are designed to promote a longer shelf-life for foods… AND stiff connective tissue. Once again;  read the ingredients!!! We have been advising our clients to make a determined effort to start paying attention to the hidden sugars and salts. The same for anything that reads: “hydrogenated”/ any kind of fried foods are huge culprits in feeding cellulite.
  1. Drink enough GOOD water. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice to flush all toxins. It is about toxic release of that connective tissue, after all.
  1. Release those toxins. Do the 7 day Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse and if possible don’t stop till all the visible toxic waste lining the gut has been released. View our website for more on our amazing detox products and especially the liver flush which should be done 3-6 times a year!!
  1. Get enough sunlight, sleep and rest.
  1. And last but not least EXERCISE. The only way to energise the tissues, keep them oxygenated and a flexible connective tissue, is to exercise. Exercise is a basic health necessity and the same principles apply for the banning  cellulite  for ever.

Cellulite is a symptom of ‘dis-ease’ and needs to be addressed. We know it’s difficult but the Imsyser team is here to help cure any discomfort in the process of achieving ultimate health.

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