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We love “Question Time”

We love “Question Time” We love “Question Time”.It is so often that we forget that other might have questions and as we claim to serve we have decided to share a couple of blog in the next week in this regard especially as our probiotic is so very unique. “I have some questions regarding your…


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Question Time

Question time

We love “Question Time”

We love “Question Time”.It is so often that we forget that other might have questions and as we claim to serve we have decided to share a couple of blog in the next week in this regard especially as our probiotic is so very unique.

“I have some questions regarding your 12 strain Pre & ProBiotic Imsyser liquid. Can you please send me any article/study or trial reviews of the product and its effect on insulin or HgAc1 or blood sugar levels”??

Question time
12 Strain Pre&Probiotic

There are so many studies in this regard. Pathogenic Bacteria, Candida and Parasites thrive and grow in number on account of  modern eating habits, mainly a high sugar intake, a high pasteurized dairy intake (many vegetarians), a high wheat (bread) intake and high alcohol intake. Diets high in such foods tend to provide an ideal environment for harmful organisms in the intestinal tract, which multiply in alarming numbers. All of the foreign organism problems have a major impact on the digestive system and overall health. They put a constant strain on the Immune System and excrete a variety of toxins straight into the blood and digestive system (including Hydrogen Sulphide) as a result.

Poor digestion also leads to poor nutrient uptake and vitamin and mineral deficiencies that, over years, can build up and massively impact the bio-chemical balance of the body and the efficiency of the basic processes therein, such as the neurotransmitters, hormones and energy production. Harmful organisms are known to contribute to conditions such as IBS and Irritable Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease).

These conditions are likely to be partly the result of inflammation on account of overgrowth of harmful organisms and presence of large amounts of toxins in the GI tract. Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is an endogenous (growing within the organism and not having any external cause) toxin produced in the body by the action of bad bacteria and fungi (such as Candida Albicans) fermenting sugar in the gastrointestinal tract. Elevated levels of H2S in the blood and tissues can result in mitochondrial dysfunction.

As far as your question is concerned the value lies with your pre and your probiotics. Many of the capsuled and tablet probiotics do not contain both.

We love “Question Time”. How can probiotics help people with diabetes?

Most studies showed reduced blood glucose (sugar), haemoglobin A1c levels, and inflammation in people with Type 2 diabetes. A few studies also indicated improvements in insulin resistance. Probiotics can also lead to weight loss by consuming some of our calories. These bacteria only consume small amounts of our energy (less than 1%), however, over time this may lead to changes in body weight. Probiotics in the gut produce and deliver vitamins to the host such as folate, vitamin K, biotin, riboflavin, cobalamin (B12), and possibly other B vitamins.

The Imsyser probiotic cultures is all naturally fermented at body temperature, especially relevant when one considers that the human body’s most important source of beneficial bacteria is naturally fermented foods. This means the finished products are raw, containing 40 trace minerals, amino acids (up to 18), various organic acid compounds, nearly 100 types of enzymes, B complex vitamins, Vitamin A (in the form of Retonin, the form ready for absorption by the body), as well as the live microbes which make up the solution itself.


We need to remember that Diabetes is an autoimmune condition. Relates to the overactive Inflammatory reactions due to toxic load on the one side. As well as lifestyle issue on the other hand. In conclusion, all of the above relate to the authentic relief of Diabetes over time. With various balances that need to be re-adjusted.

As far as other concerns in this regard, any microbiologist will agree with this statement. Freeze drying of microbes(capsules and tablets) also causes some form of cellular damage. Which can greatly affect performance of the microbes. This is the main reason most probiotics on the market contain billions of cfu/ml. It is necessary to use tremendous numbers of “weaker” microbes to get the effects of “stronger” microbes. Lastly, consider that one microbe produces one type of enzyme, one type of vitamin, and/or one type of organic acid. When there is not a variety (diversity), the nutrients and digestive aids are not supplied. This is another reason why the benefits of the Imsyser products is so great and varied.

Effective microorganisms’ probiotic cultures are stable at room temperatures for at least two years. They are sold in liquid medium and are alive (stable) so they are ready for action when used. And, they produce various beneficial, bio-available compounds for the user. Bio-availability is a key factor in choosing a supplement because it is ready to use for the body. There is no conversion process that the body must go through.

Quite simply

There is no doubt in my mind that everybody needs a daily probiotic. But undoubtedly every Diabetes or Insulin Resistant person needs a daily probiotic. For lifestyle management as well as sugar control management.

Imsyser’s products are available countrywide and Nappi coded for easy access through your medical aid.

For more information simply click here: https://www.imsyser.co.za

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