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We are under attack every day-Toxins??

Toxins hiding in personal care products

There are so many toxins hiding in personal care products and finding their way into our bodies through our skin. And remember we are not even talking about the toxins that we take in orally or otherwise; just your skin, the largest organ of your body.

Do you have any….

•             sodium laureth sulphate in your shampoo?

•             heavy metals in your lipstick?

•             fragrances in your deodorant?

•             oxybenzone in your sunscreen…..and so the list continues?

Its time we paid attention. We owe this to our bodies as there is just so much we can neglect to do to rectify the status quo. To see so many loved ones around us succumb to cancers and even worse really young ones makes me cringe to think where we might be even 5 years from now.

It is time we took action…

Pay attention to detail. Detail on your products. Detail on your household products. Detail to your water you and your family drink. Detail to the meds we so easily trust our physicians to treat us with serving one symptom upon another. Detail to the foods and drinks we take in loaded with toxic additives of so many kinds. Detail to our negative thoughts and state of unforgiveness. Detail to the mount of sleeping we succumb to or not!! And so the list remains but short from my perspective.

How do we change this?

Choices!! Every intake or use is a calculated choice. And more importantly help your body deal with this toxic overload as naturally gently as possible. Imsyser health specialises in assisting you in making these wise decisions. Its not what we do that is different but how we do it. We share. We care. And then we are available to understand your need and help you achieve you achieve this very best you as naturally as possible.

At Imsyser we help Educate and Inspire our Clients!

We care about our clients’ health. What we do is not different, how we do it, however, is what makes us different. Our products are unique. What makes them unique is that they were developed to support the body’s own natural defence system, your Immunity, through effective gut health.

  • 100% Natural
  • Suitable for All Ages
  • Cruelty Free
  • Non Habit Forming
  • Visible Results

By observing so many people suffer from so many symptoms of our modern day auto-immune ‘dis-eases’; taking chronic drugs upon more chronic drugs to alleviate disease symptoms, stirred a deep passion within to try and help people achieve optimal health through informed healthy decision and choices.

Find Your Balance

Being Happy, Starts with Being Healthy!

We love seeing our customers achieving optimal health through using our products. When you make Imsyser part of your daily lifestyle, you are investing in your well-being, and also the well-being of your family, creating a Living Legacy.

Call us 086 010 3859 or simply click here for your best health defense going into 2020!

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