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Ways to get better sleep during stressful Covid-19 times

Psychological or emotional issues I would hate to call myself a ‘fundy’ in this regard but have to admit that I have battled most of my life and clearly remember as a child battling for hours at night even at a very young age. In fact, I listen to my daughter and realise there might…


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Psychological or emotional issues

I would hate to call myself a ‘fundy’ in this regard but have to admit that I have battled most of my life and clearly remember as a child battling for hours at night even at a very young age. In fact, I listen to my daughter and realise there might even be a genetic angle in all of this as my grandchildren battle as well. I am not going to delve in this but have so much sympathy for those battling as I do as I do so here goes on a couple of pointers.

Please keep in mind that I am quite concerned at the increase in stats on those battling with insomnia for the simple reason that sleep is crucial for healthy Immunity. There might be times we battle but when the problem becomes chronic you have major pending health issues.

Some battle with falling asleep, some have unwelcome awakenings during the night, or fitful sleep – alone or in combination and classically Ideal with all combinations issues. Yes, there is a Spiritual angle to all of this but if you have pretty much dealt with all of this the healthiest solutions need to be found that work for you. And I say this as I have found that many do not have the same results out of the same solutions I have tried to bring to the table. Also, many it seems with modern day late nights and increased technology exposure simply need to adjust their lifestyles. I do find most of the truth usually lies in this one beginner approach.

The extended issues are drowsiness during the day but unable to nap or simply personality changes like being anxious and/or irritable or simply being forgetful and unable to concentrate. All of these not only affect your ‘now’ but in the long-term your health. So, you owe it to yourself to find the cause and as always with Imsyser health this is the route we take. Finding the cause.

Nearly half of insomnia cases stem from psychological or emotional issues. Stressful events, mild depression, or an anxiety disorder can make falling asleep and staying asleep difficult. Ideally, once the underlying cause is treated, the insomnia improves. This is would classically group under the Spiritual/mindful approach of resolving ill health from lack of sleep. Not all are capable of resolving this on their own but it is your very first and best defence.

As always the basics other than earlier nights, a little reading rather than TV before bed, a darker room, a quieter environment all help in the more natural approach – and I have to add that most of the time when you adhere to the ‘rules’ they probably really do help.

It is a time during this lockdown we also develop bad habit like sleeping too much or just not getting out of bed and then we battle at night. No good! As healthy as sleep is we can not really catch up on sleep out of the bodies’ own natural rhythm – anything after 9pm and after latest 8 am. The sleep that God designed as part of the Natural rhythm of things such as the sun and moon are all indicators where we should be focussing our sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping or sleeping well, the following four techniques may help you sleep better.

So during lockdown – sleep restriction. Fight the tendency to spend a lot of time in bed with or without TV with the hope of falling asleep. In reality, less time in bed helps you to sleep better and make the bedroom a welcome sight instead of a ‘torture chamber’.

Another trick is to try reconditioning. Help yourself to associate the bedroom with sleep instead of sleeplessness and frustration. For example, use the bed only for sleeping or sex and go to bed only when you’re sleepy. If you’re unable to sleep, move to another room and do something relaxing. Stay up until you are sleepy, and then return to bed. If sleep does not follow quickly, repeat.

Relaxation techniques also helps and that might be many of some. A racing or worried mind is the enemy of sleep. Sometimes physical tension is to blame. Techniques to quiet a racing mind – such as meditation, breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and biofeedback – can help you sleep better. I know for a fact that praying is mostly my solution when I especially lie awake and or wake at 3 am in the mornings!

What about prescription and over-the-counter medications used to treat sleep disorders.

With all honesty I have used many and some are better than others but the results are not worth the ill effects on your health long-term.  And the other scenario is that your body does get used to certain ones and before long you have to up your dosage and or do another change. Still not good for you other than dealing with a huge emotional crisis – almost as a management treatment. You need to find that which works.

The other issues around using drugs relate to drugs and their side effects. These include morning drowsiness, which can make activities like driving or using machinery dangerous, and an increased risk for falling. There are indicators to sleeplessness such as thyroid problems, menopausal hot flashes, heartburn, incontinence, or depression – is affecting the quality or the quantity of your sleep. Treating the underlying health problem may take care of the sleep problem.

Magnesium as a natural approach.

We all know the many benefits of taking a daily dose of magnesium but the one I refer to is the added benefit of sleeping better when taken at night. The results are undeniably obvious.

At Imsyser Health we also supply some clients with some homeopathic sleep drops that I use with huge success. Most natural products take a while to work in the system but the results versus the negative of drugs remains a no-brainer.

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