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Water is Life: Why?

  1. Water carries essential minerals & salts ( good salts ) for essential basic cellular functioning!
  2. Water energizes! Best pick me up ever!!!
  3. Water reduces stress!
  4. Water heals!
  5. Water has almost become as expensive as fuel; a fundamentally crucial commodity and precious!!
  6. Water prevents disease!
  7. Salt laden water improves sleep!
  8. Water improves all body organ functions!
  9. Water plumps up all tissues therefore is very visible on the skin and especially the face – therefore youth generating.
  10. Water prevents depression. Serotonin reduction I’d enhanced since tryptophan cannot cross the brain membrane 11. Water reduces migraines.
  11. Water reduces auto-immune conditions ( acidity) and reduces or depresses the natural auto-immune responses of the body. This breaking down of the body (interleukin 6 ) breaks down natural healthy cells producing Diabetes cells and these same parts which are then re-circulated with the potential of inflammation and eventually leads to cancers and various other-autoimmune conditions. This explains various metabolic conditions , the ultimate disease indicator.
  12. If Immune related diseases are metabolic in nature, pain can be prevented by water drinking. 14. Hydration washes out acidity and this acidity destroys DNA and therefore pain is produced. Pain is a indicator of hydration needs!! Pain = high acidity of the body!!
  13. Water is crucial to reduce lung fluidity – dry membranes lead to irritations.
  14. Diabetes can be reduced by adequate Water intake as insulin production is improved.
  15. Water improves the fluidity of the blood and therefore can reduce the various heart-related conditions or similarly Stroke -related incidents. Water will also improve cholesterol breakdown and flush it out! Natural cholesterol is rather a ‘plaster’ to seal destroyed arteries by acidic blood. And the foundation for all hormone production.
  16. Water improves joint functioning therefore age -related conditions ( and acidity!) 19. Cancer has to be flushed out of the body with water , usually lemon infused is best! Water and naturals salts have cancer prevention tactics. Water carries oxygen carrying capacity. Cancer doesn’t like oxygen!!
  17. Dehydration suppresses your Immune System and then any disease will set in!!

Dehydration can lead to death!

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