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Considering ALL health has never before been more important!!

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”. Even in these times we are reminded of the right thing to do from Scripture yet so many choose not to see the relevance thereof in their own lives. I have on numerous times seen the lasting results in the Spirit, Body and Mind of this type of ‘acceptance’ of behaviour from someone else literally polluting you, especially when the harassment is chronic and destructive. There is after all so much negative energy presently in this Pandemic, enduring unnecessary ‘bad behaviour’ is just not worth it!!

You know that if you argue long enough with someone, you’re going to say things you regret later. A ten-minute argument can set the relationship back ten years doesn’t matter what type of relationship it is. You have to learn to walk away. You’re not going to accomplish anything positive in a heated, disrespectful, contentious situation. Let them have the last word, and you keep your “peace”. The Scripture says that you “overcome evil with good.” You don’t overcome disrespect with more disrespect, or overcome insult with insult, or overcome shouting with more shouting. You do it by staying respectful. You be the first to walk away.

What we learn here is not to be less so but more so. Why do I hammer the choice of such in this regard? Quite simply, the negative energy you dumb into your body at cellular level let alone the emotional or Spiritual is just not worth it!

If most of you have seen the Dr EMOTO studies on energies into and onto water by merely speaking good or bad words – so too you would know that the same is happening in the body. We are after all 90% water so how could you expect nothing to come of constant negative energy into and over you?? The Hidden Messages in Water is a 2005 New York Times Bestseller book, written by Masaru Emoto advancing the pseudoscientific idea that the molecular structure of water is changed by the presence of human consciousness nearby, backed by “exhaustive and wildly unscientific research”.

Let me leave another thought with you, if you do not believe that – do you know when someone has so much negative energy and you are tangibly affected, what that is?? So too, when you walk into a room and you feel uncomfortable…”your knowing knows” ….add or multiply that numerous times to someone you relate to at home or work with constant verbal or emotional abuse…the results are literally a no brainer.

Add the effect of that negative energy circling through the cells of the body, and just maybe you are at risk, for that one wrong trigger to react at cellular level creating havoc in the body with cancer. Not much else to be said in this regard when there is much proof in all these regards in the cancer industry with significant studies to prove such.  

Love yourself enough to walk away.

At Imsyser we share because we care, and, because we know how fragile life is. This is also one of the reasons we hammer  doing regular detoxes at cellular level to assist your own Immune System to cope best when excess overload such as this is possibly is present. Stress kills. Negative energy destroys. Stop it!!

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