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Do you have a disease or infection that is threatening to rob you of life or limb and antibiotics or antivirals are not effective due to drug resistance or quite simply no drug exists for the infection that you have? If your answer to the above is yes, then Vulcan Silver is here for you. Each 50 ml Bottle of Vulcan Silver contains 500 mg or 20 doses of Vulcanised Argentum Metallicum. This groundbreaking ingredient has been clinically tested against the deadliest pathogens in the world including drug resistant strains and has the ability to stop pathogens in their track while remaining perfectly safe to the human body. 

Vulcan Silver is a registered and listed complimentary medicine in South Africa.


If you do a simple search on the healing properties of silver or know about it then you will see thousands of pages of literature and science dedicated to understanding it’s curative properties. Silver is used in everything from plasters to deodorants and hand-washes as well as a number of colloidal or ionic products for human consumption. There are also numerous credible articles denouncing these products, especially colloidal or ionic silver. This is because sufficient consumption of colloidal or ionic silver leads to a benign but irreversible side effect known as Argyria which is a blueish tinting of the skin. Added to that, colloidal or ionic silver is of little or no use when dealing with chronic infections. In  2011 our patent was filed challenging the long held status quo for medicinal silver. In 2013 this 65 page patent and all 29 of its claims were granted internationally, unconditionally and without challenge. Quite simply nothing like it had ever been done. Unlike available silver solutions Vulcan Silver is a non-ionic, non colloidal silver suspension  that can be safely ingested while providing concentrations and a delivery mechanism that is capable of defeating some of the worst diseases known to mankind.

Vulcan Silver potentially represents a quantum leap in the treatment and management of HIV/AIDS. In several separate studies, Vulcan Silver was used as an immune booster for patients that were no longer responding to ARV treatment. Despite the patients having advanced AIDS with high viral loads and low CD4 counts the addition of Vulcan Silver to their regimen resulted in all patients being clinically AIDS-free after 3-6 weeks. In other words undetectable viral loads, CD4 counts above 500 (in fact the average increase was 100 CD4 counts per week as opposed to 100 per annum with conventional medicine) and a complete absence of opportunistic infections. Gold Standard comparison trials are needed to establish Vulcan Silver as the NO1 anti-viral in the world but until then you can buy it right now and add it to your regimen to experience similar results.


Neil has discussed the following points for considerationwhen recommending protocols. 

Sometimes a difficult decision especially when a patient is restricted in terms of budget. But the rule of thumb is as follows. 

For any blood bourn pathogen and with the exception of retro viruses one bottle normally does the job.

When considering a protocol one should keep in mind that the life cycle of pathogens vary but are generally short lived so one week on max dose will rid the body thereof.

The client’s budget will normally dictate whenconsidering suggested protocols, however it is recommend a second bottle be considered just to make sure no pathogen gets left behind. In some very rare cases there are a cornucopia of infections that have been prevalent for so long that the pathogens could be hiding anywhere and intensive detox is needed. In this instance up to one bottle a day is considered. 

Lung infections, are somewhat more difficult because of the restricted blood flow. In most cases a week is all that is required. 1 bottle is recommended but 2 bottles will better fight the infection. Especially in the event of amore aggressive infections that the patient has been struggling with for some time. Upon completion of treatment. One will find that the patient has progressed and notice that the infection is cured or a vast improvement in leaps and bounds where it is suggested a second bottle be considered to ensure complete eradication of the infection. 

TB infections will need to be treated over athree months on max dose. This is still exceptional whencompared to other treatments available and in some cases no treatment is available.  

Retro viruses and auto immune disorders will require lifelong adherence. Not necessarily every day or even every week but some adherence like a bottle every month or two. Initially however it is recommend that 2 weeks on max dose to reduce inflammation and bring the pathogens under control. Thereafter one can repeat treatment as and when the budget allows 

Terminal HIV /Aids with multiple opportunistic infections max dose over several months is what is really needed but at least one dose a day will make a difference. Again this is a lifelong commitment to keeping healthy and Vulcan is the medication that can do it safely and effectively. Lifestyle changes are often the biggest hurdle to achieving health and re-infections.  

Drug or alcohol abuse have shown to limit the efficacy of Vulcan.

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