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Vulcan Silver registered
Immune Pro Vulcan Silver

VULCAN SILVER REGISTERED COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE. With the Medicines Control Council, it has it’s NAPPI code and is on the national registry for medicinal products. It is manufactured in the UK. Meets or exceeds all the requirements as set out by the relevant authorities. Packaged and re-distributed right here in South Africa from the Imsyser Health Head Office. The, not so new kid on the block, doing miracle for our clients! Vulcan has been patented almost all over the world and around for more than 12 years in SA.

But during the Pandemic the dire need for lower levels of toxicity for those with compromised immunity increased the exposure to this amazing product. Doing wonders for our clients all over the world.   This amazing product developed with Nano technology to create clusters of silver deposits in an existing ‘colloidal’ silver state(distilled water). Incredible results. A product 1000 times more potent than you average normal Colloidal Silver. Science explains the exponential silver deposits 1000 times:

  • full body detox
  • anti-viral/Covid-19 friendly
  • used in Nebuliser/Covid-19 friendly

Vulcan Silver Healing Protocols – Self medication is simple and easy to follow!

A few pointers for consideration during healing protocols. Sometimes this is a difficult decision especially when a patient restricted in terms of budget. Expensive but there is nothing to touch this natural approach to detox. For any blood-borne pathogens with the exception of retro viruses one bottle normally does the job. This is the rule of thumb.

When considering protocols, one should keep in mind that the life cycle of pathogens vary. But are generally short lived so one week on max dose will rid the body thereof. However, recommended that a second bottle be considered just to make sure no pathogen gets left behind. Often many pathogens are co-existing and particularly stubborn to get rid of. The pathogens could be hiding anywhere and intensive detox needed.  In this instance up to one bottle a day considered.

Lung Infections

As for Lung infections, these are somewhat more difficult because of the restricted blood flow. In most cases, a week required. 1 bottle recommended but 2 bottles better fight the infection. Especially in the event of a more aggressive infections that the patient has been struggling with for some time. Upon completion of treatment, the patient progressed and notice that the infection cured. Above all, a vast improvement in leaps and bounds.

TB Infections

TB infections treated over a three-month period on max dose. Exceptional when compared to other treatments available and in some cases no treatment is available.

Viruses & Auto-Immune Disorders

Viruses and auto immune disorders will require lifelong adherence. Not necessarily every day or even every week. But some adherence like a bottle every month or two. Initially however it is recommend that 2 weeks on max dose. Reduce inflammation and bring the pathogens under control. Thereafter one can repeat treatment as and when the budget allows. Terminal HIV /Aids with multiple opportunistic infections max dose over several months. You need but at least one dose a day will make a difference.

Lifelong commitment

Again, this is a lifelong commitment to keeping healthy and Vulcan is the medication that can do it safely and effectively. Lifestyle changes are often the biggest hurdle to achieving health and re-infections. Please note – Drug or alcohol abuse have shown to limit the efficacy of Vulcan. I have no doubt most of us need this very unique product with no shelf-life in our emergency cupboards for emergencies but for all other if in doubt call us 086 010 3859. This product is sold online Call Imsyser Health distributors countrywide or simply click here:

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