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The Value Of Gut Bacteria To The Liver, your night brain.

The Value Of Gut Bacteria To The Liver, your night brain. The liver is the body’s major metabolic ‘night time’ brain and general clearing organ. It is responsible for breaking down food, toxins, nutrients, medications, etc. into smaller component parts called metabolites and prepare them for excretion as part of the body’s overall detoxification process to keep us clean internally.

The interaction between the Immune System and the intestinal microme during modern day obesity and/or most modern-day auto-immune ‘dis-eases has been proven over and over again. It also   promotes chronic liver disease or just general lethargy of the liver slowing down most biological processes. There is a crucial relationship between the Immune System, the gut microme, and liver disease.

Liver disease has long been associated with overgrowth of normal healthy gut bacteria of the intestinal microme. Unhealthy external factors, such as high sugar, a modern day diets, alcohol, and general poor lifestyle choices can alter this balance. Intestinal inflammation results, a breakdown of the intestinal lining , and, eventually this allows microbial toxic by-products to cross the intestinal wall into the liver, which can promote liver injury and inflammation.

So the importance of general maintenance of the gut bacteria is crucial to good overall health inclusive of liver function deterioration. To optimise health and energy levels, we always suggest starting with a good deep intestinal cleanse and breaking this over a weekend (your ‘off’ day at home) and to do an overnight liver flush. See for the flush recipe to be done at home ( close to a loo). Then continue with the deep intestinal cleanse for optimal cleansing. 7 days in a row.

Now that you are ‘clean’ the building up of gut functionalities might be preserved as well as the efficiency of the liver with good probiotic supplementation.

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