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Usefull Tips Which Will Assist In Weight-Loss

Weight-loss tips from Cynthia Perkins that not only make sense but will assist in weight-loss attempts. I know because when I do this it works…..

“When you eat, be one with your food as if you are in a deep meditation. Put your focus solely on your food and the experience of eating; tuning everything else out.

Experience the sensation of the food on your tongue, the flavour and the sound of chewing completely. Be aware of each bite; the flavour, the smell, the texture and temperature in your

mouth. Be “with” your food. Don’t gobble things down mindlessly. Savour your food as if you are engaging in a long, slow, tender and passionate lovemaking session. Look at it, feel it, smell it and taste it completely. Being more mindful of your food and the experience of eating enhances your health physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your food and your eating experience are much more flavourful, satisfying and fulfilling, all of which enhance mood and feelings of well-being. It allows time for your hunger hormones to communicate with your body, telling it when it stop eating; thus it reduces cravings for carbs and you are less likely to overeat. Digestion is enhanced, which ensures delivery of more nutrients to the body and mind and smoother transit throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

Please try this for your weight-loss attempts; this tip from the Imsyser team. We are dedicated to help educate and assist where possible in all health areas. Call us at 086 010 3859 for any further assistance.

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