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One of the key aspects of IMSYSER MICROBIAL PROBIOTIC LIQUID is its role, in the human body, in the assimilation of nutrition and processing of metabolites vital to survival and health. For this reason, the effects of IMSYSER MICROBIAL PROBIOTIC LIQUID are very often miraculous when dealing with consumers who live most of their lives with nutritional deficiencies, not to mention the number of body problems that any strata of society is susceptible to: indigestion, cholera, IBS, TB, hypertension, acne, fungal growths, pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis, strep throat to name just a few.

Modern day auto-immune dis-eases ALL stem from gut discrepancies associated with nutritional mal-absorption and or toxic overload encrusted into the intestinal walls causing blockages, constipation and more importantly mal-absorption.

IMSYSER MICROBIAL PROBIOTIC LIQUID technology also allows for the use of different combinations of herbs and juices in the fermentation of the product, meaning that companies marketing and distributing the products have the option of targeting multiple sectors of the health market with a variety of branded products and may assist in:

General nutritional supplementation

Stomach & colon & overall gut health

IBS treatment or preventative gut health

Diarrhoea treatment or preventative

Natural Energy Supplementation

Digestive aid and nutritional uptake enhancing with Digestive enzymes

Natural Electrolyte replacement

Fungal & Candida control with live micromes to counter bacterial imbalances

Suitable and safe as a Kids’ probiotic

Suitable and safe as a Baby’s probiotic

Immune Boosting & Stabilizing

IMSYSER MICROBIAL PROBIOTIC LIQUID technology has the potential to have a massive impact on the people of South Africa as what will be the only naturally fermented multi-class herbal probiotic product in the country. Moreover, the IMSYSER PROBIOTIC LIQUID products can be sold into a number of targeted areas, thus establishing itself firmly in every sector of human health especially with rampant pandemic Covid-19 exposure where protection of Immunity remains core as well as improving throat and oral microbiome as your first immune defense. A simple gargle morning and night is all that is required to counteract  any unwanted organisms and or deal with a scratchy irritated throat. 

A truly uniquely developed product that is Nappi coded, and can be used for the whole family, quite affordably compared to many 5 day tablet treatment options that only serve a certain, section of the gut and a certain age category. 

For more on this amazing product call 086 010 3859 This product is available country-wide in most pharmacies or visit for more on this amazing product.

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